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**This is a free event** **This is a free event** ** This is a free event**

You wanted more FPW action in 2013!!!! So we are giving it to you with both barrels.

FPW will be part of the St Helier festival 2013, The festival takes place on the grounds in and around Sutton Arena and is our chance to perform to the masses of people who visit the festival every year.

With a footfall of around 5000 people over the space of the day and around 1000-2000 people on site at the peak of the day FPW will be there and putting on (and wait for it) a FREE FPW mini show.......

With the matches due to be announced shortly this is a chance for us to grab a bigger audience and help to make others aware of what you guys already know.. FPW are here and here to stay.

So for those of your families and friends who have been promising to get along to see one of our shows, let them bask in the greatness and let us help make their minds up and all for absolutely nothing!!

Tell one, tell all. On June 8th at Sutton Arena, FPW go live and OUTSIDE!!!




FPW Champion Sir Tom Chamberlain vs Paul Robinson


Joel Masters vs William osprey

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So it most certainly is ON!! And it is 100% FREE OF CHARGE!!!!!!!

After winning the FPW Championship using underhanded tactics FPW Founder Steve H D Evans has made it clear to The Lords of the Ring and especially FPW Champion Sir Thomas Chamberlain that he intends on throwing as many people in his way as possible to ensure his FPW Championship reign is a short lived one, so at FPW @ The St Helier Festival Sit Thomas Chamberlain will go up against one half of The Swords of Essex Paul Robinson, and for their involvement in the way that the title was decided Master Joel will have to go one on one against the other half of The Swords of Essex William Ospreay while Earl Jonathon Windsor will have to take on the other Earl of FPW The Earl of Excellence. Come and support FPW on the day and lets show the people of the St Helier Festival what FPDUB is all about, tell one, tell all. FPW is live and for one day only is FREE OF CHARGE.

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