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Selling Wrestling Archive


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Hello I am currently selling my wrestling media collection which is over 100gbs in size and includes all forms of wrestling media

from the wrestling observer, pw torch, pro wrestling.net among others as well as my whole shoot interview back catalogue as well as

Over a hundred old pro wrestling fan sheets and newsletters dating back into the 1970's! Featuring newspaper clippings and fan commentaries and interviews with classic wrestling stars in pdf form among many other things including

Files, text, and features with tens of thousands of match results, career histories, extensive title histories, and more. A researcher or hardcore fans dream come true.


This collection has taken me over 10 years to build please message me for details,

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Hello all

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing an online trade for shoot interviews in mp3 format, observer newsletters past and present, pw torch newsletters


if you would be interested please drop me a pm.




Hmm mp3 format whats the kbps poer mp3 all mine are 320 kbps from the actual DVD's or digital file aka avi, mkv, mp4 and so on none if this 128 nonsence.

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