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Advanced Wrestling Seminar 23rd June

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Seems fair, a price tag like that will cut the wheat from the chaff that's for sure.

And the guys that are good enough will have already had tryouts with the WWE for free. Anyone that pays that kind of money for a 2 hour seminar is just plain fucking daft.


Anyway a bit of digging and something doesn't add up with the whole thing,


According to the media pack all this was due to start last October, in Bristol. Its entire presentation is amateurish and looks like something that has been bashed out with the help of an ehow article. I've never heard of any brands mentioned in it either. I'm also interested in how a company would sell an unmade wrestling series in Canada and Germany, both which have strong domestic products? Also if you stick the address listed in google it brings up a lovely council flat, in Washington.


The company doesn't have a website, nor does Google bring up anything related.


Why would a product with such magnitude be advertised six weeks before?


The company is registered at Companies House, albeit in Truro. It's in the name of Steven Armstrong, but he'd appear to be the only employee.



Overall, it just feels very scammy, LS Live is hardly going to be a cheap venue, it just seems very, very odd.

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