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RudoReels.com 30% off sale


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Hey guys, just wanted to announce that I've rebuilt RudoReels into two separate stores, a DVD shop ( http://www.rudoreels.com/shop ) and a digital ISO download shop ( http://www.rudoreels.com/digital ).


To celebrate, I'm running a 30% off sale on all purchases at the DVD shop (no downloads). Just use "okada" at checkout to make it rain a glorious 30% off your subtotal.


I've added NJPW's Invasion Attack to both sites, and some other recent additions like Zero1 and Diamond Ring. NOAH & Stardom are on the way as well. It's worth noting that the Invasion Attack release is broadcast, not iPPV.


Also starting to add covers little by little. Here's a look at a few, all designed by GreaterMuta:



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