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Post your favorite wrestling sets(entrance ways)


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I dunno why but i've always loved wrestling entrance ways. I love the lights and pyro. When done right they can make everyone that walks down the aisle look like a star. I'm not such a big fan of modern ones but i've always loved the WCW sets.


Post your best and maybe even your worst.....













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Say what you want about WCW the booking, the talent, whatever. They always seemed to make more effort on the sets than some of the storylines.


There's a Japanese promotion (for some reason im thinking FMW or BJW that actually built a house inside the arena they were using then used the set in one of the matches)

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nWo Souled Out 1997 had a great one. It was like the Raw is War 1997 set, but the "Titan-Tron" was a big screen thing absolutely covered in LED lights that would make up various wrestlers names. It looked fucking massive. It also had a nifty staircase leading down too. Awful PPV though.

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I always loved the old Backlash set. Those giant swinging arms looked great!







Also, any time a PPV was held in Madison Square Garden. I love a short entrance way that crams all the fans in and makes the place look packed and wild.











As for the worst, the set from No Way Out 2002 is high up there. I couldn't find a good enough photo of it, but its easy to describe; two trucks parked in the aisle with two projectors splashing the action on the truck sides. Well done lads.

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That one looks so great, really striking and of the time with awesome colours.


I like the Armageddon one from 2006 that's like a ruined castle that Undertaker and Kennedy fought up, it's really hard to find pics of it, especially ones that make it look decent.





Also the Big King of the Ring chair was pretty cool.




The WCW ones were definitely the coolest though

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