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UK Fans?


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Just thought i'd open up a little debate for wrestlers, promoters and fans alike, however the topic i thought i'd talk on is the crowds. Not in the sense of sometimes random chants (i mean we all know it was the UK fans who started off the madness in New Jersey after WrestleMania) but i mean at British wrestling shows the amount of people in the crowd does that play a factor on you?


I mean i've been to shows where you are part of 50-100 people in the room at best; then other times i've been to shows where its been more 200+, what are your thoughts on this does it have more of a big show feel when there are those 200+ crowds or does it feel more a personal experience when there are 50-100?

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200 really is nothing, show's should be able to get 350 - 400 at least. saying that, the lowest attended show i've been to was 56 people.


As a standard, the bigger the crowd, the louder the reactions although the first Dragon gate show was one of the loudest shows i've heard and i think that was about 500 people.

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I've been to 2 separate shows with 9 people in he crowd. One of which 2 people left at the interval.


Like someone said before, it can depend on the venue to what the atmosphere in a small crowd is like. And a small crowd doesn't always mean a bad show.


500 people in a 2,000 seater is likely to be worse than 300 people in a 300 seater.

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I've been to indy shows in the UK, Holland, Germany and Belgium in the past years. WWE in Belgium, Germany, Belfast, Holland, London and New York.


UK fans are relatively smarky i.m.o. and I was surprised by all the cholesterol....Way up there with the 'larger' NYC crowds I've seen....alarming.


But basically its the same everywhere:

- Dads with children ( who love it all)

- Smarks (usually fat, who complain on here about 'workrate' and booking after shows and during the matches) They usually claim 'WWE sucks' while wearing indy wrestling shirts.

- A bunch of fun loving random people

- Gratefull fans who scream, dance, buy lots of gear and stuff, take pictures

- Wannabees (people who feel really cool because they think they know some of the wrestlers 'personally').

- Lots of Yes men who live in the promoters 'wrestling bubble'. Volunteers, trainees etc. They are good to have ofcourse.for a promoter. But its always funny to hear them be proud of their promotion. Its a good thing. Unfortunately, these guys can be so obsessed/proud to be part of a promotion, that they are usually the first to complain about other promotions, claiming the rest are copycats, stealing their ideas, having shit matches etc.. This way they limit themselfs a lot. Loving wrestling can be bigger and more than just loving and rooting your favorite soccer team.


It's always a mixture. The funny thing is that promotions always try there hardest to please the 'smarks', there own volunteers and 'wannabees' with indy names and former stars. Families, random people and 'gratefull fans' are the best to have and make up.the.majority of tbe crowds and they dont really care if they see Lion Kid who wrestles for 50 bucks or Jushin Thunder Liger who gets 500, accomodation and a plane ticket....


I'm a bit of a mixture. I would like to be a gratefull fan, but am sometimes smarky. All depends on the quality of the show...But I like it this way, because promoters give me former WWE stars this way!

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