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Defunct UK Promotions


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Hey guys, was going through some old news on the net and looking back on some old British promotions that are no longer running, was wondering if anybody had any old poster's, flyer's that they could share? Stuff from RBW, UWA, NWA:UK-TWC, TWA (RBW in particular as they used to promote shows near where I live). Just thought it would be nice to see some old memories again :) Cheers

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Here's a program from my very first UK show that I went to. Promoted by Scott Conway & TWA. As I wrote on it at the time, this show took place on 25th May 2000. Headlined by the Bushwackers. I remember this being a really fun show. I've got loads of other stuff back at my parents place. I'll have to have a root around for it some time.







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