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Wrestleforce - LIVE WRESTLING


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Get ready to witness wrestling like you've never seen it before... with a wide array of monsters from the squared circle, like man mountain Tiny Iron, the mysterious Rage, and the cockney crusader and current Heavyweight Champion Greg burridge!


Wrestleforce entails live action stunts that will have you hooked to the edge of your seat with its backstage drama and whirlwind storylines, you'll never know what's coming next!


With an all new electrifying set, brand new characters and innovative stipulations... be sure not to miss our main event royal rumble.. Raise your foam hands and scream your hearts out, as Wrestleforce makes its long awaited debut at Burghfield community sports association!...Get Ready 2 Rumble


Doors open - 6.30pm

Event start - 7.30pm

Event finish - 9.30pm


Adress: James Lane, RG30 3RS Burghfield


Call the CSA Club from 7pm for more info! 0118 983 3423








Entry Price: Adult

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