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Smackdown Taping Results (Spoilers)


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Miz TV opened with Randy Orton and Shamus as guests. They poke about Ryback not being their partner. Miz asked who they wanted to replace him. Both men agreed and spoke about Big Show. Miz introduced Show and he came out. Booker T came out and said they needed to prove themselves as a team and set up a six-man tag match as the main event.


1. Mark Henry beat Zack Ryder. A squash match. Henry performed a World's Strongest Slam on Ryder after the match. Ryback came out and there was a showdown. The two collided, and Ryback got the better of the exchange, leading to Feed Me More chants.


2. Dolph Ziggler beat Kofi Kingston. Dolph won the match clean. Kofi took out Big E Langston during the match. Afterward, Langston hit his finisher on Kingston.


3. Jack Swagger defeated Chris Jericho when Fandango interfered. Fandango's music hit mid match. There was a kick on Jericho from Fandango while the ref was distracted followed by a slam from Swagger for the win.


4. Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow (w/The Bella Twins) fought Brodus Clay and Tensai (w/Cameron, Naomi) to a no-contest. The Funkadactyls and Bellas started to brawl outside the ring and the men got involved for the no-contest.


5. The Miz defeated Antonio Cesaro in a non-title match. Wade Barrett was on commentary. Miz used the Figure Four and jawed at Barrett after the match.


6. Big Show, Sheamus, and Randy Orton defeated Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre, and Jinder Mahal. Shamus tagged himself in when Show was caught in the ropes, and hit Jhinder with the Brogue Kick for the 1-2-3. Show bickered with Sheamus afterward. Orton got involved, and was pushed by Show. The Shiled came out while all three were bickering. The faces regrouped before Shield hit the ring, and then The Shield left.


Dark Match


1. Randy Orton, Sheamus, and Ryback beat The Shield by DQ. Rollins introduced chair for the DQ. Afterward, the faces hit all their finishers to send crowd home happy.


Credit: 411mania.com


Shame to see Cesaro lose yet another non title match. He was doing so well, now he's a champ that cant win. And we finally got a bit of action from Fandango! Although it wasnt a match. It should set up a Mania match nicely.

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Anyone know why Del Rio wasn't on this?


The Shield vs Show, Orton and Sheamus match is definitely the flagship match for Smackdown this year....regardless of the lack of brand split, nothing else seems to have carried over to the blue show and there is nothing else to be added to the World title feud really.


I'm happy to see Jericho looking like he is set to take on a new fresh guy at Wrestlemania, in some ways it could be considered a real demotion for him considering he was in the WWE title match last year and successfully defended the title in 2010 but he seems like the type of guy that would genuinely get a kick out of helping a guy put on a great performance at a big show.

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3MB are brilliant. Just enough of a gimmick and personality there to keep you invested in what are essentially jobber matches and Slater and Drew's quality bumping makes the faces look like superheroes. Drew's still fairly young right? I'm still holding on hope for a serious push for him.


Good to see Fandango getting his hands dirty. I was afraid they were gonna hold off his first real confrontation until humiliating him with Natalya farting on his face or something.


What they're doing with Cesaro is completely fucking idiotic though. Just ditch the title already. Ditch bloody smackdown too.

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. . . even though it can be great sometimes. When stuff happens.


The Sheamus/Orton/Show story is a simple but enjoyable one, Show especially has been typically believable as the cocky giant that's really quite vulnerable underneath all the bravado. Everyone made the Shield sound like the Most Dangerous Men On Earth in the interview segments. Only negative is Shield backing away again. Just have the show end in a big brawl or something.


Fandango looked like a bit of a star when he was going at Jericho. I wish they did something more between him and Niomi/Cameron and Natalya. The guy that acts outrageously gay AND gets all the women whilst doing so is a heat winner.


AJ was brilliant on commentary. She and Vicki are the only women they have that are not planks of wood which unfortunately means they end up getting overexposed a lot. Most other people on the roster melt like putty when subjected to JBL's bullying/slut shaming but AJ stuck up for herself and was smart and amusing while doing it. As much as I think Ziggler's overrated he DOES look a bit special when he wins. There's no reason he couldn't be a Jericho level star. Why is Big E a guy that's "never stepped in to the ring before!" on Raw/SDown but on NXT he's the champ? I still don't quite get why they don't bring up the other shows they make.


The Hippo/Funkadactyl v Scholars/Bellas fight was fun. Have no desire to see it at Mania.


Only thing I skipped was the Cesaro/Miz match. Cesaro swinging Miz like a rag doll was the best thing he'd done in wwe yet, but instead of rolling on with that momentum they've buried him ever since. It wouldn't be so bad if they just gave the belt to whichever guy beats him this week. Odd.

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