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Become an Affiliate / Win Cash and Prizes


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You may have seen us plug our magazine on the forums. We are taking a step forward, charging 75p for the magazine. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate to the magazine to earn yourself a bit of money on the side by just promoting our latest Issue on your site then read our post here. http://www.altwresmagazine.co.uk/become-an-affiliate/ (Also the best affiliate gets the chance to win a lump sum of cash, every 3 months.)


Also if you already read the magazine then by buying the next Issue. You are automatically entered into a prize draw to win cash or prizes. The more buyers/readers we get the better prizes that people can win. You can also read about that here. http://www.altwresmagazine.co.uk/awm...rize-giveaway/


Thanks for reading.

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