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My Best Film: Michael Caine

Devon Malcolm

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Yes, he's 80 today and still as busy as he's ever been. He's starred in films of many different genres and excelled in them and not been afraid to star in total shit to pay some bills.


Personal favourites?


1) The Ipcress File - the anti-James Bond, the Harry Palmer films are still underrated to this day which is a surprise considering the success of the Bourne films.


2) The Italian Job - although appropriated by England football fans and general other flag-waving arseholes, it's still a brilliant film.


3) Sleuth - shows his acting chops to anyone who thought he was just a 'star' as him and Laurence Olivier torment each other in a two man show for over 2 hours.


4) The Man Who Would Be King - another of his underrated classics and a film that is still misunderstood by many.


5) Get Carter - just to prove he wasn't afraid to play a total and utter bastard. One of Britain's greatest ever films.


6) Educating Rita - pulled him out on early 1980s slump beautifully and one of his best performances.


7) Dirty Rotten Scoundrels - he's funnier than Steve Martin and he should have done more comedies.


8) Children Of Men - taking the supporting role and stealing the show in one of the greatest films of the last 10 years.


9) Harry Brown - eliminating council estate scum in a cracking vigilante thriller misunderstood by plonkers as a commentary on Broken Britain.


10) And, of course....

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I maintain he was fantastic trading one-liners with The Rock in Journey 2 The Mysterious Island.

Yes he was. I love that film - great use of 3D as well.


I have a soft spot for The Weatherman. Discussing what a camel toe is with Nicholas Cage in that bizarre accent is a joy to behold.

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Michael Caine is someone i definitely need to do my catching up on. I've seen around 7-10 of his movies but ive missed out on a few of the classics (still haven't seen The Italian Job!), it's something i need to sort out.


My dad collected vouchers from The Daily Mail and got like a 15 film boxset for free of Caine's movies, i think it consists of some of his ropier efforts but im gonna bash through it.


One i will mention which i loved when i saw it was his TV movie Jack the Ripper, i remember putting that on around midnight a few years back expecting to pass out half hour in but it had me gripped for the 3 hours, it's quality.

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