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pro-grade Tiger masks for sale plus extra !


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i'm thinking of selling my Tiger masks, i have 2 diffrent ones,gold and silver, they are both made by real mask makers not cheap commercial replicas, this is the real deal,same as TM himself gets made and wears !!


The silver "shodai" model is very rare to get your hand on, it cost me a LOT of money back in the day. i had been collecting masks very actively in the past years and was really into the lucha libre world, and i still am don't get me wrong, BUT, i have made some decisions of how and what i like to collect still and how i basiclly want to go forward in life aswell and i decided to quit the mask collecting habit. i also want to save up for wrestlemania 30 so with everything in mind i'm just taking a step back which is a great oppertunity for other collectors !


i will set my price at 200

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