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Tagged Classics, PWG DVD's, WWE Figures for sale

Jonny Vegas

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Hi guys,


I have a lot of 11 Original PWG DVD's for sale on eBay along with some Tagged Classics WWE DVD's and a couple of other items. If any of you are interested outside of eBay then let me know with an offer.


PWG DVDs Tagged Classics etc.


I also have some WWE figures that I'm yet to list on eBay as not sure whether there would be much interest an would probably prefer to sell some of them in bulk as well. They are all still unopened and in original packaging as they're unwanted gifts I have received from extended family members! If anyone is interested please send me an offer for individual figures or any multiples you may like;


Road To Wrestlemania 24 Kane with lead pipe

Road To Wrestlemania 24 Carlito with steel chair

Road To Wrestlemania 24 Finlay with wrench

Ruthless Aggression Series 35 Edge with briefcase

Ruthless Aggression Best Of 2008 Ric Flair with pipe

Adrenaline Series 29 Double Pack Matt Hardy and MVP with basketball

Classic Superstars Limited Edition Triple Pack Jimmy Hart with megaphone and sunglasses, Honky Tonk Man and Greg Valentine with guitar each (pictured here Triple pack picture)


I'm not looking for anywhere near the

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