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RNV Wrestling in Kent/London - THIS SATURDAY!

RNV Wrestling

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RNV Wrestling returns to the Falconwood Community Centre next Saturday.




RNV Wrestling is a local promotion that have been holding regular events in Welling for several years. We have a loyal following in the area and always deliver a mix of great wrestling with entertaining characters and personalities.


For example:


'Mr Clean' Anton Green -


'The Perfect 10' Vain -


Dow Jones - Dow Jones Talks Too Much



Event details:


Date: Saturday 16th March 2013

Venue: Falconwood Community Centre, Welling, Kent, DA16 2PG

Tickets: Adults -

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I've been to a couple of these shows when visiting mates in London and some of the guys are great like Hugh Mungus who has to be one of the biggest people (weight wise) working in the UK these days, and Psycho Steve I remember from waaay back when on the old MPW shows. I remember being impressed by Mr Clean on the few shows I saw him on last year when he was tagging with Gabriel Myers who was decent himself. Some of the guys are just shocking though-Vain puts on what has to be the worst American accent I've ever heard, so much so you'd think it was a wind up but it seems he's taking it seriously! I could forgive that but it doesn't look like he's trained a day in his life and wears trainers (one of my pet hates on UK shows) when wrestling. Born to Fly are just another pair of skinny kids in kickpads. Never heard of Delightful Powers but if the initials of the team are deliberate that's a bit of a faux pas for a family promotion. Could be a solid company if they'd only ditch the kids in pleather and maybe bring in a few goood names. Cheap though so meh.

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The results from last Saturday's event:


Hugh Mungus vacated the RNV Title due to health concerns


Psycho Steve defeated Jason Kamikaze


Born 2 Fly defeated The Delightful Powers to retain the RNV Tag Team Championship


Vain defeated Chase Limit


DM Morrelli defeated Johnny Cruickshank


Mr Clean won the Massacre Match to win the vacant RNV Championship


Massacre Match eliminations:


T.O.D eliminated by Alex Kent

Jack Chalmers eliminated by Tommy Martins

CJ Gunner eliminated by Mr Clean

Taylor Phillips eliminated by Mr Clean

Alex Kent eliminated by Mr Batten

Tommy Martins eliminated by Mr Batten

Mr Batten eliminated by Super Star, Doorman Dom and Mr Clean

Super Star eliminated by Doorman Dom

Doorman Dom eliminated by Mr Clean



Event photos on Facebook


The next event takes place at the Falconwood Community Centre on Saturday 13th April.

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