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Looking for some extra coverage?

Snake Plissken

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As some of you may or may not know, I run a website (Screen One), which covers mainly movies, theatre, MMA and now we are bringing back Wrestling coverage. (Mainly through the new UK WWE DVD deal with reviews) And I am interested in helping out some of you with some extra coverage for your events. I am not asking for anything in return, I'm not after comp tickets or anything like that. Possibly (a way) down the road some interview access to you the promoter and maybe your headliners, but currently I'm looking for content. So if you want to promote your events, please drop me a DM and I'll get touch. Im looking for event posters and press release level of coverage. Also, I'm talking to the more established promoters among you. Despite offering for content, there will still be some level of filters.


Also, if anyone is interested in writing features or event reviews, please also drop me a DM. It will be at a contributor level, so currently we aren't able to pay for your writings, so please if you expect payment, please don't apply as I don't wish to offend. Hopefully I can give you guys some extra coverage at no cost to you other than sending me emails.


I look forward to hearing from you.

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