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The John Cena Wrestlemania T-Shirt Colour Game


John Cena's Wrestlemania T-Shirt Colour will be...  

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as we all know, WWE unveils a new John Cena t-shirt every year at Wrestlemania in an interesting colour, hence the whole 'fruity pebbles' stuff by The Rock. Last year it was light Green, and the year before was Red.

But which colour are they going to go with this year?.


Obviously, feel free to make your guesses in both the poll and a comment. And while we're at it, discuss which ones were good, OK, or plain right awful

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Knocking out all the other's he's had (or similar), that leaves Yellow, Brown, Orange, and White. They seem to be going with Yellow for Punk at the moment, and Rock is Black, so White it is for me.

He had orange not too long ago, just before the purple one IIRC


Edit- yep, didn't realise it was three years ago though. Check this out, timeline of Cena shirts: here.



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