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F1 2013 Season Discussion Thread


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The only difference today between Webber and Seb was tactics, for the first time in a long time Webber was in the same league as Seb. That could be his last great performance in F1, not a fan but have to tip my hat to him. Seb did what Seb does in 2013, a typically consistent, mistake-free and decent race. Nothing outstanding, but enough to win.


Romain finally got it all together to score a dominant weekend over Kimi, beat him in every area of the game fair and square. If ;Lotus do not get Hulky, they at least have a surging and improving driver to build their team around. Romain has been A-1 recently.


The Lewis incident was just a racing incident, no fault to go to anyone in my view, just a bit of bad luck for Lewis. Nico played a okay race, probably would have been 5 or 6 without the drive through.


Hulky mixing it up with a team with the same engine and three times the budget, speaks volumes of his talents and how much Ferrari need radical change.


Given the battle for the lead, I really enjoyed this race


D.C is big mates with Brundle, so he could end up at SKY. Webber on BBC would be interesting.

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Brawn is headed to Mclaren if you believe certain parts of the media who say that he is the "big signing" that Whitmarsh was referring to the other week. He's either headed there or to Williams. Hulkenburg is getting that Lotus drive, I saw something saying EJ believed he was going back to Force India. Well, even Jordan can be wrong from time to time on his driver predictions. ;)


They've signed Red Bull's aero expert, Adrian Newey's protege. Eddie was asking Horner if Newey might be leaving for McLaren as well, but that seems unlikely.

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