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F1 2013 Season Discussion Thread


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If you enjoyed reading the review of the fantastic 1991 season, then you will love this first contribution from our second contributer Ian Walmsley. So go on have a read Walmsley's Word - 93 Season Review


Can't see the images in the article :(


Works OK for me mate:




Only tried it on my iPad although that rarely has issues showing images. Will try it on the laptop tomorrow.

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If we're pimping out pages, this Martin Brundle page is mine. Quite proud of it actually. I even have it on good authority that he visits - i.e. from the man himself!


Hang on, so if "Martin Brundle" posts on that page, it's actually you? You're basically pretending to be Martin Brundle :laugh:

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I'm not pretending, it says on there it's a fan page. I refer to myself as the Fake Martin. I've met the real Martin 3 times now and he says as long as it's clear it's not really him then he's cool with it. I've also given admin rights to one of the guys from BadgerGP who does updates from time to time as well.

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