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This was inspired by a recent rant I went on about about Jack Swagger. Basically the aim of this thread is to see what wrestlers members of this forum dislike, think are shit or think are over-rated. Maybe we all have similar ones and it will be nice to see some against the grain.


Anyway let me start with this thread where I've covered a few from various wrestling promotions. This is in no particular order.


Darren Young


I like the Primetime Players but then I realized that Darren Young does nothing for the group. Titus O' Neil is pretty decent, has some personality and has a great look but he carry's the team. O'Neil is the Primetime Player and Young is just the tag along. Plus Darren Youngs hair just looks terrible, why doesn't he shave it all off? During the days of the great Nexus angle the group looked threatening, intimidating and dominant but Darren Young didn't fit into the group at all. Anyway they realized this pretty soon and kicked him out of the group which was great. Anyway Young just looks and acts too generic. I can't name any signature moves the bloke does or anything. I find myself skipping anything he is apart of.


Kofi Kingston


It started off promising with Kofi after some great moments in The Garden brawling with Orton and a decent feud with Orton. But what happened? After that he just sort of floated about till now in the midcard and filling the odd space for an multi-man main event they need to fill. But as he has floated around I will admit he has been having some good matches. So, whats the problem? The problem I find is his big smile, bright colours, terrible entrance and being stuck with a generic mid-carder in a tag team; I just find it difficult to watch the bloke (apart from when he does something flashy at Mania or the Rumble of course).




I'm recently worked my way through the year 1998 and am now half way through the year 1999 and I'm really noticing how terrible Mideon was. He is absolutely terrible in the ring, looked like shit and had some absolute stinkers in the ring. Whether or not he was in the Godwinns, Ministry, Corporate-Ministry or Southern Justice he was terrible. Just watch the opening tag match to Backlash 1999, the crowd shit on after he delivers an absolute stinker in the ring in the opening six man tag. You've also got Naked Mideon in 2000 which is probably the part of him I can tolerate the most.


Noam Darr


I recently got into Brit Wrestling half way through 2012 and before getting into it I heard alot about Noam Darr. I thought great a young bloke from the UK who is getting the chance to face the likes of AJ Styles, he sounds really promising. Anyway my first time seeing the bloke was at the August PCW show and I was very disappointed. I saw him again at the PCW September show and again in December against Morrison. From all 3 occasions I've seen I wasn't impressed and thought Dar was very ordinary and nothing stood out from him, Maybe I've just seen a bad mix of matches? If Robbie E was working in a match in your local leisure center, he would get some heat and would say something like "Your a hamster, Bro!", I for a matter of fact think Noam Darr does in fact look like a hamster and currently stands as the most over-rated in the UK. Am I the only one on here shitting on Noam Dar?


TJ Perkins


I enjoy the US Indies I've watched plenty of CZW, PWG and ROH but I can't get into Perkins. I cannot pinpoint what exactly it is with Perkins as he is usually in the ring with someone good from the indies but I can't get into him. I also dislike his checkered ring attire he often uses it comes across really 2004.


Necro Butcher


I like to watch Death Match Wrestling, apart from when Necro is involved. Well actually, anything involving Necro. I think the problem is I find people who brag about smoking marijuana complete fucking idiots, but Necro steps it up abit he has a fucking cannabis leaf tattooed to his arm. What a cunt (Sorry if I offend anybody who does smoke/enjoy marijuana). Anyway I actually enjoy seeing Necro get hurt for being such a waste of space. I recently watched Samoa Joe kick the shit out of during their IWA match in 2005 which was really satisfying to watch


Jack Swagger


Of course Swagger is gonna be mentioned. I really dislike the bloke and am surprised to see members here have a much more of an optimistic approach to him since he returned recently. I have a more pessimistic view of Swagger and really can't see much more happening with the bloke. After a dull 4 and a half years of Swagger I'd like to see this be the end of him in main stream wrestling.

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Kofi Kingston:Was much more fun when he was Jamaican,now he's just overexposed with a bland personality,annoying smile and doesn't seem to care if he wins's or loses.


Zack Ryder:Just an annoying twat,sooner he's sacked off the better.


AJ:Only has the one stupid facial expression,which annoys the arse off me.

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I wasn't excited when he came back. He was shit. He was shit when he left as well.


Most of the Divas (except AJ and Kaitlyn)


Especially Alicia Fox and Aksana. They're fucking shit. Alicia Fox especially, she's Heel one minute and Face the next.


The Great Khali


Immobile. He adds very little. I have to fast forward everything involving him, doubly so now he's with Hornswoggle.


Jinder Mahal


The bloke gets zero reaction. Shit


Vickie Guerrero


I have never liked her. I really hope she fucks off.

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What's up with that shit mini-stable they've decided to put together with Khali, Hornswoggle and Natayla? Unless Menry is ploughing throughthem all, they're all shit. I'm half expecting the Insane Clown Posse to accompany them to the ring and sing their theme.

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Necro Butcher is bloody great, I ain't having any of that nonsense.


I agree on Mideon though, it's a good thing he was friends with Undertaker because (apart from when he was impersonating Mankind) he was fucking shit at everything.


For me, anything outside of a big match environment I pay no attention to John Cena and find him incredibly dull and awful probably 90% of the time.

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Mideon was indeed horrid. He was so unathletic he could barely even bump for a backdrop and he had no discernable character traits or any kind of attribute that would draw you to him - In that gimmick at least. By that time, he was one of the most obvious cases of 'only still around as he's a nice guy' or was pals with someone important.


That said, those few months of naked Mideon were still almost worth it, just for that Regal facial alone.


And at least he wasn't Justin credible.

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Chiming to add to the "Necro Butcher is shit" votes. I've always thought he was absolutely fucking dire.


Also, even though he's been a lot better recently, RVD is someone I really don't want to watch in TNA. Every time I see him on screen, I see beige and feel a massive surge of apathy.

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Necro Butcher was someone who I liked. Don't see much of him anymore. Where is he?


Chris Jericho: He largely bores me these days. Even in the supposed great matches he's had in recent years, I've found myself not giving a toss. The CM Punk matches in particular just bored me to tears.


Davey Richards: He frustrates me more than anything else. He probably could be much better if he didn't feel the need to suck the life out of every one of his matches by doing waaayyy too much.

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Zack Ryder. He's probably my least liked guy in the WWE ever. I hate his cheesy grin, shitty gimmick and pretty poor matches. When the majority of the internet were loving ZTLIS last year I just didn't see the appeal of the guy. Hate Hate Hate him.


I agree completely. Cannot see the appeal in him whatsoever!

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