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The Dynamite Kid Experience


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We hope for this to be a stepping stone, for future wrestling legend experiences.




Meet Dynamite Kid for an Autograph & Photo Op session! Then watch the premiere of The Dynamite Kid Documentary in Manchester, England!


Sunday - February 24th, 2013


Hilton Manchester Deansgate

303 Deansgate


M3 4LQ


Meet & Greet with Dynamite Kid - 10:00am


Screening Starts - 12:30pm



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Dear Highspots,


I received an Email from you about this event, yet I have never shopped from your website ever. How did you get my Email?



I have also never used/purchased from RFVideo, Kayfabe Commentaries or Smart Mark Video, and the email address you contacted me on is my personal one and not linked to any forum.


So, as The Showoff says, how did you get people's email addresses?

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Same here! (First post) Total breach of data protection law in the UK so it would be great if you could reveal the source of your data collection, sorry if it's a bit long but I'll copy and paste the basic principles of the DPA for you...


Personal data shall be processed fairly and lawfully and, in particular, shall not be processed unless-

at least one of the conditions in Schedule 2 is met, and in the case of sensitive personal data, at least one of the conditions in Schedule 3 is also met.


Personal data shall be obtained only for one or more specified and lawful purposes, and shall not be further processed in any manner incompatible with that purpose or those purposes.


Personal data shall be adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purpose or purposes for which they are processed.


Personal data shall be accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date.


Personal data processed for any purpose or purposes shall not be kept for longer than is necessary for that purpose or those purposes.

About the rights of individuals e.g. You have the right to have data about you removed.


Appropriate technical and organisational measures shall be taken against unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, personal data.


Personal data shall not be transferred to a country or territory outside the European Economic Area unless that country or territory ensures an adequate level of protection for the rights and freedoms of data subjects in relation to the processing of personal data.


This ones important...if you bought a list from someone based in the UK and they didn't at least do these checks, they've broken the law and so have you, also it would be great to know that any personal data your holding is being kept securely.

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A person who I go to football with attended this event. He's a massive Dynamite Kid fan. He tweeted me to say how much it had upset him seeing him in person almost unable to hold a pen. He didn't even stop for the documentary just got a copy and left.

On a plus not he did get to meet Mancini and Brian Kidd from Man City.

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Myself and Marc (eboy on here) both went, was great to meet him, and we had a decent chat and amount of time with him, as we were one of the last few in. But I felt the whole experience to be very flat, with very little enthusiasm or excitement shown by the staff or the fans.

It was a shame he didn't stay to watch the documentary, which has allot to be desired for.


But overal it was a good experience although a tad pricey.

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