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February Hate Thread


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READ THIS ENTIRE POST.....for the safety of your account


This thread will allow you to vent your spleen about how much you hate a certain poster. Please try to be moderately funny when doing so. If someone calls you a shithead in here, then you can insult them back in here.


Here are the rules:


1. Any talk that spreads outside of this thread would result in a lengthy suspension. That means any talk, any references, any subtle hints, any goading to enter the thread, any PM's about it, anything and everything must stay in the thread.

2. Read the above again. Any troll posts outside of this thread will be more harshly dealt with than usual.

3. Any shit talking of mods will result in a ban. This is because we're oversensitive and have small willies.

4. The only exception to the above is if a tiny willy mod comes in here and insults you.

5. Anyone who posts in this thread will automatically be entered in the monthly UKFF Rumble. At the end of the month those posters will be put in a poll to be voted on to get suspended for two weeks.

6. If you think you are in I, Robot and have found some logic flaw in these rules don't think that your brilliant mind will avoid punishment.


Next rumble at the end of the month.

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Far too quiet in here, so with that in mind, organisedkaos can fuck off.


Apparently, before composing an impulsive rant, one should check the content for accuracy before posting.


Now, Mr Rockwell was kind enough to point this out to me, however, he did so directly, and whilst identifying the need to give a little given the nature of the thread.


Doesn't social smoker just mean you enjoy them on occasion, probably especially with a drink but you could take it or leave it so if no one else is smoking you're probably not going to go stand in the cold on your own?


It's a rant thread; I should stop trying to be reasonable and let people get shit off their chest.


This cunt on the other hand....


Basically yes. He's arguing against his own made up version of the term.


I'm going to fucking read it, i didnt spontaneously combust at the end of my rant so dont fucking talk about me as if i'm not around.


Will that do?

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Guy's watched so much TV he's got square eyes. Or rather, 1920 x 1440 eyes.


Wreck it Ralph and I loved it. One for the young at heart who remember Pacman and Street Fighter but with a simple sugar coated plot for the under 10s as well. In a world of rehashed 80s films and sequels going into double digits its nice to see a film like this with such a fantastic original idea. Loved the Hell No anger management type support group scene. Starts off really well but goes a little flat from then on sadly, but otherwise worth a watch.




She's still really shit, isn't she? That joke especially.. fucking hell. Mrs patdfb.

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If Fludder could post less my world would be a little brighter.

The shows are fun and all but you don't have get on my tits.


Yeah couldn't agree more with this. He just comes across defensive all the time whether or not it is on Facebook, Twitter or the UKFF regarding anything about PCW. I commented on the PCW announcement regarding Fight Club Vs Steiners announcement with 'We want the MOB'. Fludder deleted the comment. Fludder boasts about the fans and their opinions but I just found that very hypocritical.


Anyway regarding PCW I think its a great promotion. Whereas I disagree with half the booking I still find it a really enjoyable experience.

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Watch this

2+2+8+1+3=24 2+4 = 6

What do you get if you multiply 6 by 9? 42.

Sorry, man - 6 x 7 = 42.


6 x 9 = 54


I'm new @ numberology ya know the illuminati use it alot.


Sorry, man - 6 x 7 = 42. 4+2=6


Another 6 and illuminati 9 upsode down is a 3rd 6 mark of the beast.


6 x 9 = 54


6 - The number of man. Taken from the belief that man was created on the sixth day of the week.

9 - The number of divine completion and the number of the fall of man.

5 - This is a number that protects members of the illuminati from Death. The Illuminati also use something called The Law of Fives which is the mind

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