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33 minutes ago, DavidB6937 said:

I bet Impact put The Rock's video in their intro. I think they've already recapped it about a bazillion times on social media.

In one way it's incredible to see these guys happily getting involved in 2020. On the other hand it does show how utterly irrelevant and a non-entity Impact is now.

However - BFG was great I thought. Another solid show for them and they really do have an impressive roster who are just going out there and doing their best. Funnily enough they actually do deserve more eyes on the product these days.

This exactly. I’ve used this expression a few times before (hey, repetition is the mother of skill) but Impact is the Boy Who Cried Wolf of Pro Wrestling.

For years, Dixie Carter and others promised all sorts, and none of it came to pass, not even the most basic of pledges to produce a compelling product whilst operating within their means and in the black.

Under D’Amore and Callis, it’s finally happened, but very few are around to see it and even less care.

A shame, really.

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It was on youtube the other night with his gfs nipple pixilated out and it was hilarious.    I love 2020 RVD. Did I ever mention that he had me roll his joints for him once at Wales Comic Co

When everyone got released, I remember saying Heath was the one I was most intrigued to see outside of the WWE machine, because he's always seemed like a fun & creative guy but we've never really

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46 minutes ago, garynysmon said:

Well, you say that but I'm seeing more people talking about Impact in a positive light than anytime since the mid 2000's and there are very little scandals over pay and talent issues compared to how it was.

There are still obvious issues, the company is obviously ran on a shoestring and the crew is a skeleton one at best. But for all the false dawns and promises of a reset, it was quietly putting their heads down and generating weekly non-offensive and solid TV that gained more traction than anything else.

On the use of the Rock, Foley etc, I suspect that was more down to Impact always allowing the WWE to use footage for the network and/or DVD releases and loaned them RVD for a RAW last year. The WWE allowed Impact to use Attitude Era footage for a Shamrock career retrospective, but I couldn't see them doing so for ROH or a smaller promotion where no informal arrangement was already in place. 

(I.E Impact has a tape library that's quite valuable.)

Obviously Vince isn't going to have Roman Reigns turn up on Impact or anything, but I really don't think he sees them as a threat anymore. Does anyone? I doubt AEW does.

That's not trying to belittle them or anything, as I do think they've done a fantastic job of delivering a good product over the last couple of years. It's just that they're just kind of there. As you said, it's non-offensive and solid TV, but that's about it. Will it ever be more than that? I don't know.

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I think the fact that ROH also has EC3 means nobody sees Impact as a threat now, its almost like a playground for those with a name to have a bit of fun and get TV exposure for guys on the up before they go elsewhere now. 

The current management seems to know their station and are doing well with it. 

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Kylie Rae posted this on her Patreon earlier. Poor girl.


Good morning,

I'm truly sorry for the pain I've caused and miscommunication, I am currently unwell.

I'm also sorry that I wasn't able to get this out before your monthly subscription charge.

I wanted to take this time to say I am no longer a professional wrestler and am currently taking a break from social media. It's been a very hard decision to make but please understand.
When I am well, I will try to fulfill any obligations that have missed.
During this time, most tiers will not be able to be fulfilled, please feel free to unsubscribe from this membership/PatreonAccount.

Thank you for your understanding. ❤️

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12 hours ago, LWOLeN said:

‘I'm also sorry that I wasn't able to get this out before your monthly subscription charge.’


Don’t be a dick

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14 minutes ago, poetofthedeed said:

To be fair, she had a million outlets to release the info, picking patreon after the subs come in has a whiff of carny off it........ She mentions unsubscription, but not refunds...... 

of course. Because when suffering with their mental health the first thing they think of is I better announce my problems to my Patreons before they are charged for the next month


3 hours ago, Hannibal Scorch said:

Don’t be a dick


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Obviously there's not a lot of interest in TNA these days, but Joe Doering just showed up as Eric Young's muscle and I reckon they should put the strap on him ASAP. 

Big fan of some big fucker who has mainly wrestled in Japan storming in and killing people with lariats and powerbombs. 

He's wearing jeans, cowboy boots and cowboy hat with no shirt, which obviously makes him the best. 

I've not watched any of his stuff in years but I reckon he must be quite good at this point. He's genuinely different and looks like a proper throwback, too, which should help him stand out. 

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