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“Oh Hi Marks”

It was on youtube the other night with his gfs nipple pixilated out and it was hilarious.    I love 2020 RVD. Did I ever mention that he had me roll his joints for him once at Wales Comic Co

When everyone got released, I remember saying Heath was the one I was most intrigued to see outside of the WWE machine, because he's always seemed like a fun & creative guy but we've never really

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Spike tv Are ending there deal with tna in october. Big news that, could be the begining of the end


TNA Impact will not be renewed by Spike TV in the fall season, reports TMZ.


According to the report, TNA president Dixie Carter was informed of Spike's decision this weekend and Carter held a meeting to discuss TNA's TV future.


TNA is scheduled to air on Impact through October, giving the company about two-and-a-half months to find a new domestic TV home.

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I would have to guess that this is also the end of British Boot Camp 2 as what would be the point when TNA will be dead before they even get to pick a winner.


Plus would it be worth it for any wrestler to now uproot his or her life to go to the US when the company you are going to work for won't even be around by the end of the show.


I can see a lot of guys who were going to try out not bothering and the ones already picked backing out.



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Can see Jarrett raiding the talent for GFW, the McMahons not wanting to touch the carcass with a barge pole and the Carters wondering where it went wrong even though everyone and their dog has seen this coming for a while.


What's this about Russo cc'ing the wrong people in an e-mail?

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