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“Oh Hi Marks”

It was on youtube the other night with his gfs nipple pixilated out and it was hilarious.    I love 2020 RVD. Did I ever mention that he had me roll his joints for him once at Wales Comic Co

I hope they bring him in with a name like No Chance Lance.

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When everyone got released, I remember saying Heath was the one I was most intrigued to see outside of the WWE machine, because he's always seemed like a fun & creative guy but we've never really seen him anywhere else. Well...

So good. I don't want to say anything else for fear of spoiling stuff.

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7 hours ago, ColinBollocks said:

I saw that on twitter and it's the best wrestling-related video I've seen in ages. Maybe have to start checking out TNA if they're pumping out this sort of content.

Its been the best wrestling show for a while now. Give it a go.

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I never cared much for Heath on WWE TV, but his apperances on the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast and their You Tube channel were always highlights.

Bloody hell though, Chuck Norris looks OLD

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The only way that heath video could have been any better would be if he got one of those cena video messages for buying his book, but that was phenomenal. 

2 minutes ago, ElCece said:

Its been the best wrestling show for a while know. Give it a go.

It flows well, they've always been at their best when they have a wafer thin roster. 

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