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50 minutes ago, Uncle Zeb said:

Interesting, I'll give that a try, thanks! Don't suppose the same can be done for Challenge+1 and FreeSports? Freesat channels seem to have dropped like flies lately.

Should be, seeing that they're all free to air. The frequency numbers should be easy enough to find.

Back to the topic, as shit as empty arena tapings are, the pandemic and most promotions stopping tapings has probably been a blessing in many ways for Impact.

Due to its revenue streams being what they are, I doubt that income is down as badly as some other promotions. Also the stopping of NWA and ROH shows has given them some much needed breathing space in a crowded market, not to mention some free agents being unexpectedly being made available to fill what was looking like a very bare bones roster.

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24 minutes ago, PowerButchi said:

So Wrestle House was fucking dire. 


Except for the Swing Man. He was hilarious. 

It was hit and miss for me, I can see what they're trying to do and liven things up given the arena is deathly empty. I laughed at some points (yeah, Swinger basically) but other bits were a bit too silly.

There was just too much of it for my liking, but apparently they're toning down on the length of WrestleHouse in future. I think it may work better as a standalone Youtube feature rather than the main show as it seems to be a bit marmite.


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