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28 minutes ago, garynysmon said:

The novelty of having Kenny Omega wrestling on an Impact show was pretty interesting too, but I'm pretty sure that Shawn Spears will pop up soon.

That's my main concern. I don't want Impact to become a place for the shit AEW folk. Obviously Omega is top calibre but Matt Hardy is a real step down. I don't need to see him twice a week. It'll be interesting to see who makes the trip each way. I hope some of the Impact folk get a rub from a Dynamite appearance and not just the Good Brothers.

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It was on youtube the other night with his gfs nipple pixilated out and it was hilarious.    I love 2020 RVD. Did I ever mention that he had me roll his joints for him once at Wales Comic Co

When everyone got released, I remember saying Heath was the one I was most intrigued to see outside of the WWE machine, because he's always seemed like a fun & creative guy but we've never really

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Got to be loving Moose at the moment. From watching him on independent shows here I wasn't overly impressed and wrote him off as another big guy from another sport looking for an easy payday and not being very good. However over the last year he has become a spectacle to watch in the Impact Zone. The entrance, how he carries himself as a star how he has massively improved his mic work doing backstage interviews and that performance at Hard to Kill showed  that he is a top guy in Impact Wrestling. I do hope he does go to AEW to go after Kenny Omega once he takes the Impact Wrestling World Championship from Rich Swann.



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The Two Tonys 'paid ads' have run their course for me now. Tony Khan is such a punchable prick with his flexing of his little arms (I get hes meant to be that way). It was funny to start with, now they are just annoying. Khan keeps saying he doesn't want to be an on screen character, but hes getting more and more involved, admittedly on Impact and not Dynamite. Makes you wonder whether his ego will eventually get him on screen full time, we have seen it time and time again.

The only thing I took from that ad, was that Dolph Zigglers shittier brother has now got a gig with AEW. He looks like a grown up Joffrey Baratheon.


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Impact was lit! Loved the Fire and Flava festival almost as much as I love the team. Also, Swing Man.



They're just two of my exes. Don't worry about them - They live in Texas.


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@PowerButchi's enthusiasm for Impact actually made me want to give the show another chance, and, Matt Striker aside, I thought it was a really easy watch. 

Every time I watch Impact, the strength of the Women's Division stands out. Given the relationship AEW has with Impact, I'm amazed that no talent sharing has gone on here. I don't think it's a stretch to say that an argument could be made to say that Impact has assembled the strongest Women's Division throughout all of US wrestling. Not only are the wrestlers good in ring, they're great characters too. 

I've no idea who Cousin Jake is, but his match with Joe Doering was about as fun a five(ish) minute big man match as you'll see. Doering is a real throwback and I'd like to see more of him. 

I had no idea that Tommy Dreamer was still wrestling, but the idea of a Swann/Dreamer match, should it happen, is so bizarre that I absolutely love it.

Trey Miguel and Chris Bey consistently impress me, and it's fun to see Willie Mack again too. I always enjoyed him on Lucha Underground. 

Overall it was a fun watch and I'll probably try it again next week. 

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