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Dragon gate tickets PIC ADDED!


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Ok so here's the thing, we ( me and partner) were all set to go to both Broxbourne shows and we bought the best, most complete ticket setup to get the maximum experiance, so:


- 4 Front row tickets, 2 for each night.

- 2 Meet & greet tickets.

- 2 Press conference tickets.


That's 8 tickets combined, giving 2 persons the maximum DG experiance. Due to circumstances and being in some bit of a financial mess atm. the most wise and realistic thing to do is NOT go and try to sell these tickets. I can barely scrape togheter enough money to arrange all the travel costs we'd need to do since we were coming from Belgium and the trip over to the UK is always an expensive deal sadly...


Techniclly, i can go, but that would mean many long, hard months of financial recuperating afterwards to make up for that weekend. i'm not gonna go into detail how and why i'm suddenly in such bad shape,that's private. But obviously we bought these tickets a while ago when i didn't expect to be in such a sh*t place these days.


If i can pass these on to somebody, i probably will. it would crush my fan hart to let go of the weekend but it would save us a lot of headaches. The ticket value for all combined is 250

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Just a reminder that those who may be interested better act fast to contact me, with Feb.officially underway it is less than a month and i will only wait for about a week now before i start booking my train tickets and such if nobody takes these tickets... Like i said, it is not that i can't go but it would just put me in a very bad place money-wise afterwards, yet i WILL do it since it's still better than not going and letting 250

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