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RAD:PRO EmbryoniX 1.7 - There Is Only Chaos To Be Found


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****We are back at Chuter Ede CA in South Shields and we need your help!****


We are under threat and we must win this battle otherwise everything we have come to know will be lost. All your EmbryoniX favourites will be fighting the good fight. We need your support as we try to wipe out this so called "cure to RAD:PRO's sickness"




Anyone who has been following us knows that we provide an exciting nights action for all the family but after promises of domination by "The Opprobrious Blattarian" Rubix Roach followed by his victory in the Intergender Tag Grand Prix with Kirsty Love, he is finally striking us at our core, putting it all at risk.

Strange videos and coded messages have been appearing all over facebook and it has surfaced that Roach has hired a gang of circus freaks going by the name of "The Z Brothers Carnival". The disturbed "Sideshow" Jam O'Malley is taking this chance to infiltrate RAD:PRO with both hands as he and his brother "the Very Good" Euan G Mackie issued open challenges to anyone weird enough to accept. The Machine has promised to destroy "The Guardian of Time" Jainus Centurion and even our Champion, Carbon, is under their radar as an unseen member of the Carnival, only known as Deviation, is coming to strip The Element of his hard earned title.

After discussing this situation with our Roster we have agreed the best plan of attack and agreed on the card below. We only hope the company's desire and heart is enough to gain the advantage overall on the night and keep this alien unit at bay!


Carbon © vs Deviation

Lewis Chambers vs Rubix Roach

Rabbit vs Euan G Mackie

Jainus Centurion vs The Machine

Felis Atrox vs Jam O'Malley


Tickets are

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Here are the results for last night's show...


EmbryoniX 1.7


Caden vs Super Kenny


NO CONTEST - Intergender Tag Champions Rubix Roach and Kirsty Love walked out and stood at the entrance mid-match and stood and watched as the Z-List Carnival stormed the ring and took out both contestants.

The following promo by Euan G Mackie saw him declare that they were going to play a game of best of 5 throughout the night and if Rubix Roach's henchmen were victorious they would do with EmbryoniX as they pleased.


Felis Atrox vs "Sideshow" Jam O'Malley


Jam O'Malley got the victory after a distraction by Euan G Mackie and a low blow by O'Malley.


Lewis Chambers & Freya Frenzy vs Rubix Roach & Kirsty Love


Kirsty Love hit Freya Frenzy with a Rocker Dropper for the Victory and to retain the Mix Tag Championships. This also took the Z-List Carnival into the interval with a 2-0 lead.


Rabbit vs Euan G Mackie


Rabbit hit a BluRay Driver followed by a Swanton Bomb to pick up the victory and take one back for RAD:PRO


Jainus Centurion vs the Machine


Jainus Centurion hits the Time Bomb to get the pin and equalise for RAD:PRO


Carbon vs Deviation


Carbon rolled up Deviation to get the win and claim a 3-2 victory for RAD:PRO on the night. The modest but excited crowd were on their feet as the Z-List left and Carbon then proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of the ring. As she said yes Cabbie Klowaski came out after a 3 month absence, spat water in Carbons face and hit his new fiancee with a sliding knee to the absolute horror of the crowd.

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