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Robes in Wrestling (and why are there not more?)

Big Bully Busick

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Back when i first got in to WWF in the late 80s,robes were common place in wrestling

From Flair to Rick Rude to Mr Wonderful,they all looked awesome and to me screamed "hey im a wrestler and a bloody good One"

Shit even Buddy Landell looked ok (i think that one might be up for debate tho)


Its early 2013 and not many people bust out the robe these days

I know Roode did a few year back but it didnt really suit him.

Which leads me to my question


Who in 2013 do you think could rock as robe like an 80s don? not only that but who would it help?

I mean there are plenty of bland asswipes in wrestling that need something to jazz them up


I think if he ever does return to WWE or signs with Tna Chris Masters would look awesome robed up.


So who do you think needs a robe?

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Bobby Roode has a robe and he looks fucking ace in it. Damien Sandow wears one. And John Morrison wore a robe. Sting wears a robe. Daniel Bryan broke out the robe for last years WrestleMania. They are about. Just not in huge numbers. And so they shouldn't be. If 3 people on the TNA roster wore a robe, it would make Bobby Roode look less noticeable. Like Orlando Jordan. He wore a robe, and it did fuck all for him. Only certain people should wear a lovely dressing gown and Orlando Jordan isn't one of them.


Also a large part of wearing a robe is for this majestic entrance for special occasions. Roode always wears his on PPVs and rarely on TV.


This is how a wrestler is supposed to look:



His white boots suit him down to a treat as well.


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I like that Bobby Roode bought the robe off Terry Taylor, too. Someone should start wearing Ric Flair's robes, as a bit of respect to history.


Cloaks aren't so good though. Matt Morgan looks like a spanner in Hogan's old one.

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Adam Pearce's robes are pretty nifty (although I do wonder how he can afford more than one given how much he must be paid on the indy circuit):






Not a fan of that last one, though.

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