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3CW Darkest Deeds : The Best of 3 Count Wrestling

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I have to say I really enjoyed my first - and last - trip to 3CW for this. All the matches were of a solid standard, with the possible exception of the Rumble, which was so silly and reduced me to tears when Super Hungry~~~~! came out. Just genius stuff.


The Kirby vs Ligero main event particularly delivered all the action you'd expect, but with the added bonus of local boy Kirby having a lot of fun riling up the crowd full of his workmates, and everyone else for that matter. Of course, he got his proper comeuppance in the end.


There seemed to be rumblings that wrestling would return to Northallerton at some point in the future, albeit under a different name, though you would imagine that the line-up would be considerably different to here, a show with a genuine end of an era feeling. The venue is pretty nice, and holds a decent crowd, so I'd consider the trip again should a decent card get announced.

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Better late than never - official match times and results from our own Stevie Aaron:


3CW Darkest Deeds: The Final Curtain


Actual bell to bell times and results


1) Johnny Moss pinned Darkside in 9:13


2) Drunk & Disorderly won the 3CW Tag Team Championship in 10:29 in a one fall four corners match also featuring Vegas Connection, Britain's Most Educated and The Kraze (Busta & Marky)


3) Mohmed Ameen, Stevie Lynn & Conscience bested Damned Nation in 19:18


4) Chris Whitton won the five way End of the Road elimination match. Eliminations came as follows.


a) Anthony McIntyre pinned Kid Richie in 16:23

b) Chris Whitton pinned Andy Swan at 16:44

c) Lance Thunder pinned McIntyre at 17:38

d) Whitton pinned Thunder at 18:54


5) Dirty Oil won the final Free For All in 12:54




1. Priscilla

2. Andy Hogg

3. Mark Manners

4. Matt Horsfield

5. Voodoo

6. Super Hungry

7. Jayson Mayson / Simon G. Money

8. Marky B Kraze

9. Andy O'Sullivan w/ Amber

10. Chris Hawk

11. Ross Strong

12. Vulture

13. Brother War

14. Dirty Oil


6) Martin Kirby retained the 3CW Triple Crown Championship against El Ligero in 18:11. The match was re started due to Kirby 's feet on the ropes. A few minutes later, Kirby pinned Ligero at 22:08


7 / impromptu) Chris Whitton pinned Martin Kirby in just a couple of minutes to win the 3CW Triple Crown Championship. (no match time - Stevie was a little too involved to worry about it!)


For anyone keen - yes, a DVD IS on the way, and with a little luck will be available to purchase as of this weekend. A preorder is available at a special discounted rate at 3CW.co.uk - click here to order


A teaser video has also just gone online - Click here for 3CW Darkest Deeds: Final Curtain DVD Teaser

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Thank you for taking the time out to write that Ben. Here is your reward:



We're not even sorry. :thumbsup:








"With great hunger comes great responsibility"

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