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UKFF Live in Phoenix


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Some more longer time posters may remember that back in the mid 2000s I used to frequent this board and once a year would post updates from my annual WrestleMania trips which would usually include some insane interactions with Americans, the occasional hospital visit, slim success and most often failure with women and describing in great detail listening to my friend Louis pleasure a hooters waitress on the bed next to me with his gigantic black cock (the stereotype certainly rings true for him).


Now that epic sentence/paragraph is over, some of you may be thinking 'surely its about time that loser stopped going on these trips, he must be ancient now and really should have settled down with a below average woman and churned out perhaps at least one halfwit child'.


Alas I am now 31, a little bit balder (but holding onto what I have by regular use of Regaine foam, I highly recommend it for the follically challenged among you) and thanks to a recent failed engagement with someone who's personality evolved into pretty much like for like the same as Kirsty from Coronation Street I escaped back onto the scrap heap and was in search of something to cheer me up.


Now usually this would involve perhaps a night out with mates getting obliterated and waking up next to a whale and in need of booking a trip to the clinic, however I decided instead that in spite of the facts of having no real money saved and that moving from my flat would cost me a bomb, to book up to see the Royal Rumble around 5 months later. I got Louis on board (it wouldn"t be the same without his ability to sleep within 30 seconds of lying down and to then be snoring like a huge bear within 90 seconds) with a promise of a very lax repayment plan and my credit card took the sting.


I decided on the Rumble rather than making it 9 WrestleManias because :


a) I've not been to Phoenix before

b) The Rock was guaranteed by that point to be wrestling in the title match which is rather historic

c) I haven't hugely enjoyed the last couple of Mania experiences I had in larger stadiums sitting in the lower tier which seems so much further away from the ring than in the lower tier in an arena


So tomorrow, horrific blizzard's aside, I will be making the near 11 hour flight out to Phoenix for what feels like a really important show and an absolutely huge match between CM Punk and the Rock, the build up to which has been great especially Punk's opening week promo.


I can't wait to get back out to the States again for a big time show and will be posting a few updates of the highlights, and likely lowlights, over the weekend.


In closing, especially for newer posters, no negativity or ridiculous posts about 'You should be out enjoying yourself, what a loser posting on here etc etc etc boring' :


a) It takes about 4 minutes to type an update (One of the many times I upset my ex fiance in the time we were together was while she was prepping for an interview which involved a touch typing test, she was practicing on an online tool testing your word per minute count and thought she was doing well until I had a go and thoughtlessly beat her. I put this typing speed down to personal emails when I first started working and posts on here being done as quickly as possible so I wasn't caught by my employer during working hours)

b) I like looking back on the updates when I get home and it adds to the experience while out there

c) I know i'm a bit of a loser, and at 31 I'm quite comfortable with that so you wouldn't be sharing anything with me i'm not already rather aware of.


To Phoenix...........AHA! (not sure why I decided to go all Alan Partridge then, it just felt right)

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I like the idea of this blog/update stuff as I wouldn't have any idea what a trip to Pheonix would be like. Pretty entertaining first post their too! Hope you have fun and I think you have made the right choice to go to the Rumble instead of Mania, Rock vs Punk should be brilliant and you're getting a huge match without being plonked a mile away from the ring.

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I think the WrestleMania XX topic from 2004 which is in UKFF Gold included some of Steve & Louis's experiences. That's the only one to survive by the looks of it though.


I travelled with them to WM20 and WM23 and within hours of Benoit winning the World Title, tightarse dopper had left the strip club and was back in the room watching a 'Home Improvement' marathon while those two were painting the town red until sunrise.


Have a good trip. :thumbsup:

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I find the threads where people post about their experiences like this, whether it's "live" or when they return really interesting, obviously it's usually Wrestlemania and loads of people are posting in it, and especially these days where most hotels have free wifi and you don't even need a computer to be able to do it. Back when people would go in internet cafes to do it I thought it was a bit sad, but it's not a big waste of time anymore. I am thinking of going to Rumble next year depending where it is, as going to a Rumble live is one of the things I want to do at some point, the added Fanfest this year, if they do it next year too makes it more tempting.

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Add me in to those who love these kind of posts. Always try to do one when I go away.


Have a great trip Guts, I always used to read yours and Doppers holiday reports with huge interest, they were a key factor in me deciding to do a wrestlemania years back. Dopper i rem you had a great trip once when you met Sabu?


Anyway have a great trip and I look forward to your posts. :thumbsup:

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Looking forward to reading about your trip. I think all of us want to do the rumble one day, it's easily the funnest PPV of the year. It's something I aim to do myself one day.


When I was in Miami last year, there was even free WiFi on the bloody beach, and yet I was getting 'sad' comments on my Facebook picture uploads. I don't get it, takes a few minutes in the morning or literally before you go to bed to write a small blog or upload a picture or two.



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