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FutureShock 64! 27th January @ Stockport Guildhall

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FutureShock Wrestling kicks off another roller-coaster year of events at the Stockport Masonic Guildhall on Sunday January 27th with FutureShock 64!


With the Championship Belt still in the hands of the now defunct former Champion "American Wolf" Davey Richards the roster is reeling with rumours on what management will do next. With 2 official contenders in Zack Gibson: who won a title shot by claiming victory in August' Cage Match and Cyanide who took home the 2012 FutureShock Trophy November, plus a number of prominent stars all vying to make a case only one thing is clear.. anything can happen!


News on what management plan to do with the current title picture is set to be announced at FutureShock 64!



The 1st of our match announcements for Sunday 27th will be your main event as the newly crowned Tag Team Champions The Blackpool Blonds have their first defence against FutureShock's two top forwards Damon Leigh and Raynaldo!

With popular opinion being the Blonds fluked in to the Championships the duo from Blackpool are chomping at the bit to stamp their names on the tag Team Titles!





The 2nd Match announcement for Jan 27th is another tag team contest. With a twist.

After months of issues between talent-manager Chris Egan and FutureShock Original Simon Valour, issues that began when Egan visciously assaulted Valour at ringside with a pint-glass!

Since then Valour has ried time and again to get his hands on Egan never quite managing to get to grips with the slippery customer.

But now EGAN has come to management with an offer of his own. Egan will get in the ring with Valour should Si find himself a tag partner... as Chris EGan wont be coming to the ring alone. He will be teaming with FutureShock 2012 Trophy Holder, the front runner to become the next FutureShock Champion... CYANIDE.




The latest match announcement for FutureShock 64! Pro-Wrestling January 27th looks set to be a classic as current #1 Contener Zack Gibson faces the returning"The Man For All Seasons" Xander Cooper.


Gibson's hard won and defended Contendership status is still recognised by management, despite having no Champion for Zack to challenge. Until a decision is made Gibson will be keen to keep his seat at the top of FutureShock's standings.

Cooper however has rarely been seen over the last 12 months. The former FutureShock Tag Team Champion has had a laundry list of successes around the UK but the Former LCW and BWC Scholarship Champion has yet to carve out any singles success at the Guildhall.

Taking down Gibson will be a very strong statement of intent and a powerful way to cement new position within the roster.





Also Set to appear: Dave Rayne, Zack Gibson, FutureShock Women's Champion April Davids and more!!


FutureShock 62! - Stockport Masonic Guildhall

Sunday 7th October 2012

Stockport Guildhall

Wellington Road South (A6)

Stockport, Cheshire



Doors open: 17.30

Show starts: 18:00



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Mark Massa def. Soner Durson



Notorious BAD and Project Ego def. The Models, CJ Banks and Nordic Warrior when Kirby pinned Hope.



Women's Championship:April Davids def. Nikki Storm by Submission.



Cyanide, Dave Rayne (bonus partner) and Chris Egan def. Josh Bodom and Simon Valour when Egan pinned Valour.



Xander Cooper def. Zack Diamond by Count Out after a mystery man took out Diamond.


Stixx vs Sparx: No Contest. Stixx stated he felt Sparx was not worthy and thus did not appear. Sparx still wanted to fight but there was "no time left".


G-Man & Friends: The Return of the Blossom Twins!


Tag Team Championship Match:

The Blackpool Blonds def. The Wristlock Rovers to retain


Cyanide was awarded the 2012 Trophy. A huge brawl broke out between Diamond, Cyanide, Egan, Valour, Bodom, Rayne and Cooper. Damien Smith announced that they would compete with 2 others in a "Lotto Thunder" tournament to determine the next Futureshock Champion. Mark Adams announced JAY LETHAL is on his way to Futureshock!

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Quality 1st show of the year we went to here in Stockport. Opener was big man v littleman. the 8 man tag match was match of the night though, fantastic action with lots of comedy too, that match wouldnt look out of place on a Chikara or ROH show thats how good it was.


Womens match was ok


Enjoyed Cyanides match too, wierd to see Egan in the ring, never seen him wrestle before.


Great to see the Blossoms too. Tag title match was good


Looking forward to next show, lotto thunder sounds very interesting.

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