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The Wrestling World That Could Have Been.


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Talking to a couple of people the other day and the subject of the WCW buy out came up and I don't think I've ever seen a thread with this variation of this topic so lets see what people think.


In 2001 when WCW was bought out, how different would it have played out if the clause that Ted Turner couldn't promote wrestling right away had been left out and he reformed WCW right away (under a new name obviously) with all the talent that was either rejected by WWE or were under contracts to him and not WCW (Goldberg etc)? Obviously they were planning a reboot at the time anyway with guys like RVD and Corino due to come in but how would a forced one with key talent missing play out?


How long would Steiner, Sting, Nash and the regular stale Main Eventers have to carry the top of the card while they recovered?


Which indy talent would replace the ones WWE took?


Which WWE guys would be released to make room for the new signee's with an alternative still there where they could be valuable?


Would Jerry Jarrett still have formed TNA if Jeff still had a place to work?


Would the hype surronding the buy out have helped the new WCW get off to a good start?


Would Sting still be wrestling today if he had continued a full time schedule back then?

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