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2013 Death Pool


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Congrats ShortOrderCook for picking Paul Bearer


Now it's time to scout and plan for next year.




Yes yes it's that time of year again to dust off your premonition hats and guess who is going to be the first wrestler to end up six feet under this year.


In a shocking turn of event's last year had no winner which means we all need to try harder in figuring out who is due a visit from the guy with the sickle.



For those who are new to the game it's very simple, all you need to do is guess who is going to be the first wrestler to die this year, and the first wrestler to die out of those chosen wins.


Only rule is you can't select someone who has already been chosen.



So without further ado have at it.



Going against form as I have come to the conclusion the bastard is going live forever I have decided to push aside Greg Valentine and choose someone who has already faced death in their family last year, "Bullet" Bob Armstrong.





Vipes - "Bullet" Bob Armstrong

EdgarTheSlouch - Gerald Brisco

wandshogun09 - Vince McMahon

Gordon The Gopher - Nikolai Volkoff

iamtheman - Shane Douglas

wrestlingmad - Scott Hall

Keith Houchen - Dynamite Kid

Fox Piss - Kamala

Frankie Crisp - Rey Mysterio

Louch - Raven

Sir Steve Redgrave - Marty Jannetty

Megan Midas - Hector Garza

Arch Stanton - Jake Roberts

The Hitman - Matt Hardy

themagman - Mick McManus

mim731 - Tammy Sytch

SteelEdge - Cowboy Bob Orton

Dr Reefer - Kendo Nagasaki

King Jon - John Cena

TysonSL- Sabu

Toilet Rapper - Mike Tenay

Callum1993 - Bobby Heenan

Accident Prone - Terri Runnels

Lefty - Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart

Nexus - Jerry Lawler

omgmarc - Antonio Inoki

The King of Swing - Kenta Kobashi

bow - Lex Luger

cobystag - Pat Patterson

dopper - Axl Rotten

Chilly Mondeo - Bobby Eaton

Killjoy Gee - Hulk Hogan

Forrest - Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine

Jackpot - Val Venis

dharmabear - Paul Orndorff

Jaffa - A Briscoe Brother

MFrV1 - New Jack

Wendell Cooley - Verne Gagne

Ebb - Viscera

ThumpSquibs - X-Pac

Merzbow - Kharma

niff - Big Show

Magnum - Chuck Palumbo

eugenespeed - Terry Funk

TripleA - Mr Fuji

Astro Hollywood - Warlord

ravishing1 - The Iron Sheik

gmoney - Ole Anderson

Mr Lawrence - Rosie

Dash x - Justin Credible

Dearsod - Goldust

sunstone316 - 'Mean' Gene Okerlund

Your Fight Site - Mae Young

martyngnr - Vic Grimes

SpursRiot2012 - Kurt Angle

Foale - 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper

sockospice - Chyna

air_raid - Shane Helms

britishwrestlinglegends - Zack Gowen

The Invisible Boy - Gangrel

Dearly Devoted Dexter - JT Smith

Mattyc - Lance Russell

300 - Batista

Steve 'Big' Jobs - Balls Mahoney

Mr. Levity 84 - Genichiro Tenryu

Tommy! - Tom Zenk

seph - Bret Hart

powerlock - Ric Flair

Sheffbag - Jonny Saint

Shovanist Pig - Tyson Tomko

PunkStep - Steve Keirn

hbk4life - The Godfather

Jesster - Tugboat

patdfb - Harley Race

ShortOrderCook - Paul Bearer

Loki - Bruno Sammartino

garynysmon - Nick Bockwinkel

Dingbat - Jeff Hardy

Snake Plissken - Angelo Savoldi

The Reverend - Tony Atlas

Heald - King Kong Bundy

diamond_dust - Rob Feistein

Liquid Snake - Brian Cristopher

rollthedice - Ken Shamrock

Whiskey_Jim - The Sandman

spotlightmagnet1 - Jimmy Snuka

Sphinx - Superstar Billy Graham

theironshake - P.N News

ninevisions - Mr. Tofiga

scott_2k16 - Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat

ItsClobberingTime - Mike Adamle

mim731 - Ed Leslie

scratchdj - Doink the Clown

bobby dazzler - Vampiro

Vamp - Mistico II

















2Xtreme Lives


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