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HG's Royal Rumble Surprise Entrant Pool 2013


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Like I said, NO SPOILERS in this thread please. Unless you tag them, then it's okay.






2Xtreme_lives - Shawn Michaels / Kaientai

Accident Prone - Shane McMahon

air_raid - Road Dogg / Mr Ass

AshC - Ultimate Warrior / Kendo Nagasaki / Papa Shango

Au - Les Miz (shared with Jaffa) / London & Kendrick

big_foote - Dude Love / William Regal

CleetusVanDamme - Ernest 'the Cat' Miller

darkship - Road Warrior Animal / John Laurinaitis

Dave The Stoner - Chris Masters

Dazz - Shelton Benjamin

DearSod - Maven / Raven

dharmabear - Cliff Compton

diamond_dust - Jack Swagger

Dirty Eddie - Nailz

Forrest - Glacier / Blitzkrieg

Fox Piss - Batista

Froggivizal_Version1.0 - Brock Lesnar

garynysmon - Tommy Dreamer

HarmonicGenerator - Rikishi / The Berzerker / Rick Martel / Greg Valentine

His_Airness - Dennis Rodman

ItsClobberingTime - DDP / Jake 'the Snake' Roberts / Hand Henry

Jackpot - IRS / Dean Malenko / Kurt Angle

Jaffa - Nathan Jones / Hugh Jackman / Les Miz (shared with Au)

Killjoy_Gee - Steve Blackman / Hardcore Holly

KingOfMetal - Scott Armstrong

LaGoosh - Kung Fu Naki

Larger Than Life - Rico / Rhyno / Charlie Haas

Lefty - Johnny B Badd / Mr Hughes

Lion_of_the_Midlands - Alex Shane

Magnum - Booker T

martyngnr - Jeff Jarrett / Scott Steiner

Merzbow - Insane Clown Posse

moofasa - Colt Cabana

Mr.Showtime - Jay Lethal / Shark Boy

neil's bitch - Razor Ramon / Billy Kidman / Goldberg

Nexus - Evan Bourne

Nick James - MVP / Ken Shamrock

niff - Carlito

patdfb - John Morrison / Beth Phoenix / Kharma / Chyna

PSF - Henry Godwinn / Naked Mideon

PunkStep - Savio Vega

Rave - Ron Simmons

ravishing1 - Bushwacker Luke / The Warlord

Reznor - Norman Smiley / The Quebecers

scott_2k16 - Rowdy Roddy Piper / Perry Saturn

Scott Malbranque - Planet Stasiak

seph - The Undertaker

Shane O' Mac Version 2 - APA Bradshaw / Tajiri / Joey Mercury / Goldust

Sheffbag - Mr Kennedy / Prince Devitt / Adrian Neville / Davey Richards

ShortOrderCook - Vader

Shovanist Pig - Big Daddy V

Silky Kisser - Grandmaster Sexay

Slapnut - Chris Jericho / Michael Tarver

Slick Dick Nick - Sid / Stone Cold Steve Austin / Meng

Snake Plissken - Sting / Mike Knox / Dusty Rhodes

SpiritOfTheForest - Gangrel

spotlightmagnet1 - Christian

SpursRiot2012 - Bret Hart

stumobir - The Headbangers / The Boogeyman / Eugene

stunstone316 - Mean Street Posse / Koko B Ware

The Four Horsemen - Jimmy Snuka

The Hitman - Steven Richards / Bull Buchanan / The Godfather

The Invisible Boy - Finlay

theironshake - Bob Backlund

themagman - X-Pac / Sgt Slaughter

thesimonbegz - Scotty 2 Hotty

Toilet Rapper - Hacksaw Jim Duggan

TripleA - Andre the Giant / The Oddities

Twinn - Kevin Nash / Ric Flair

Up Chuck - Kanyon

Vamp - Disco Inferno / L.A. Park / God

Vegeta - Honky Tonk Man / Val Venis / JBL

Vipes - Brooklyn Brawler / Repo Man

wrestlingmad - Matt Hardy







If you'd like to see who you picked last year, the thread is here.



I'm starting this a day early this year, because I hope I'll be busy tomorrow, but it's practically January, which means it must be Royal Rumble time. At time of posting this thread it's... 27 days until the event.


The Royal Rumble match is normally loads of fun. Invariably one of the best things about it is the chance of surprise entrants; people you never expected to show up, showing up and having a go at some of the current stars.


Last year, we got this man:




and the return of:




(here seen pursuing an announcer you could also consider a surprise entrant).


And, to some extent unexpectedly, we saw a Rumble appearance from:





I hope that the 2013 Royal Rumble, whatever form it takes, has a few surprise/return entrants in it.


But who should they be? You decide!



This works a bit like the Dead Pool. Basically, everyone picks the wrestler you want to see turn up unexpectedly in the Rumble Match. If your pick is right, you win ... I dunno, probably just prestige and stuff. But since I'm a Glorious & Most Honourable Paid Member now, I might see if I can finagle a custom title for you.


But first!


A few ground rules:


- Don't just put a name. I want a picture, and a brief description of why, or what you think they'll do in the Rumble and how they might fare. I'm not looking for a winner, just someone you want to turn up and have a go. See my picks at the bottom of this post if you're not sure what to say.


- It should be someone you WANT to appear, not someone you think WILL. Therefore, NO cheating and using newz sites and spoilers to make picks, because that's not fun. The more obscure name, the better. Yes, picking Billy Gunn will give you slightly better odds. But it's BORING. If you WANT to have Luther Reigns make a shocking return to ally with / beat up his estranged brother Roman, then pick Luther Reigns!


- No using people on the full-time current active roster. Part-timers, agents or those currently on long-term injury are begrudgingly acceptable. Dead wrestlers only if you're really confident they'll show up.


- Try to limit yourself to no more than three choices.


- Deadline is the Friday before the Rumble, unless you promise you won't change your picks on the day when you hear who's flown in for the show, in which case deadline can carry on until the match itself starts!


- And finally, you can't pick this man




because we ALL know this is his year to win the Rumble.



My first pick this year is:





Because it's going to happen sooner or later. I know WWE's not keen on fatties right now, but they'll make a brief exception for the Kish. This is why.


He'll enter around number 17, when Brodus Clay is beating up both the Usos. The 3MB are also in the ring, they've got Booker T cornered. Rikishi stares down Brodus. Both break down into dancing. The Usos recover, and join in. Heath Slater breaks it up, says no, the 3MB have got the real moves. Cue air guitar, etc from Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal. During this time, Booker has regained his feet, breaks it all up, clears a space, and Spinaroonies. Then they all dance together, then Big Show or someone comes out and destroys most of them.


Then dances. It would be THE BIGGEST DANCE OFF IN WWE HISTORY. And that's why I want Rikishi in the Rumble.



My second pick is:




because The Shield will probably be a presence in the Rumble, and THE BERZERKER ACTUALLY HAS A SHIELD.


He will enter once all three members of The Shield are in the ring, and either help them or attack them. For about thirty seconds until they chuck him out.





Make your picks, UKFF - who do you want to turn up and surprise us on the 27th?

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At this point, will this bloke count as a surprise?




I imagine Road Dogg will be in the ring, his music will hit, and the GREAT Mr Ass will trot on down for an emotional heartfelt embrace with Mr Dogg before they lay waste to the ring full of JTTS before eventually getting eliminated by Cena or Orton.


The best surprises always sneak up from behind.

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Going by the rules of who I want in the rumble....




......And as Razor Ramon as well.


I know It'd never happen in a million years, and lets face it, he'll most likely be dead before he is even mentioned in WWE ever again.


I'd love to see him, and if only he can stay sober for one last glorious night.

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How could it not be!? Following his earth shattering display against Heath Slater in the run up to Raw 1000. Big Van looked better than he's ever looked. There's been rumours WWE want to bring back some former mid-card card characters with experience, well who better than Vader!? He looked like he could slip straight into the roster back in the summer, and that's exactly what he's going to do.


He'll turn up, possibly wearing his singlet the wrong way round in a homage to his original Royal Rumble debut. The crowd will naturally completely lose their shit, being the first surprise entrant within the first 10. He'll reignite his legendary feud with Slater but also be in there with Sin Cara, flattening him and kick-starting a new feud, leading into WrestleMania to have that big crowd wearing mask record match everyone mentions these days. Vader masks will sell like hot cakes, far out-selling Sin Caras and Vader will receive a monster push through the following summer and become World champion.

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Gonna go rather specific here...following on from The big Kish, let's get the Dudester back in there for a three-way (Oh my!) dance.


And sod it, let's have this guy -



Face off with Barrett...for the sheer hell of it

EDIT to add this: Big Show WMD vs Regal KO punch?

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At this point, will this bloke count as a surprise?


I imagine Road Dogg will be in the ring, his music will hit, and the GREAT Mr Ass will trot on down for an emotional heartfelt embrace with Mr Dogg before they lay waste to the ring full of JTTS before eventually getting eliminated by Cena or Orton.


The best surprises always sneak up from behind.


Since you've been specific with your gimmick, I'm saying it counts as a surprise. But he's got to come out as Mr. Ass, or you get nothing. If he's The One, or Rockabilly, or The Outlaw, or Cute Kip... no points.

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I wish Foley would just fuck off.


I'm not the moron who will say "Put him in a hardcore match at Mania against Ziggler" but I would just rather see him the least amount as possible and hopefully never wrestle again. The past 6 years of his career have been awful. Apart from the match with Flair the Thursday before BFG 2010. Talking about Flair, he will be in the Rumble.

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He's got to come in and knock a few heads together. I imagine some kind of demented comedy hijinks with Kane and Daniel Bryan where they try to out-retard each other.






I think anyone in their right mind would go batty if he came in. He's already bumped around a bit in the ring for the Tough Enough lads a couple of years ago and he's got to be in decent enough shape for a quick stint in here. Could you imagine the reaction? It might even set up the constantly rumoured Punk/Austin rivalry that people seem to pray for every year. I'd imagine he'll eliminate a couple of bodies and then he'll turn round, look across the ring and have a stare down with someone like John Cena or someone of that ilk.

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