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So, 2012 is almost out and really, it's been some fucking year hasn't it? Let's reflect on the events of 2012 in general, as well as those of our own year and look on into what 2013 will bring us.


Has it been a good one for you? What events of 2012 will you remember most, what have you enjoyed and what has had the biggest impact on you?


I've had a generally pretty good year personally, although it's flown by at a frightening pace. The first half of the year seemed to flow by nicely but as soon as Summer and the number of things i was doing surrounding Summer were out the way with, the year has just disappeared. I set myself some goals at the start of the year, a few of which got neglected for other things along the way but, the bigger goals i have reached and the main one is about to be put into action with me feeling very positive going into 2013 and having some new, bigger goals in mind. Some of which are short-term (by April), others long-term (by 2019).


The Olympics is the obvious big event of this year and they really were just fucking incredible. I could gush endless positive comments regarding it, truly loved it, really was an amazing event to have lived through and follow. A wonderful time.


What's 2012 meant to you?

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Well, 2011 was a horrible year for me. I had some mental health issues that wound up with me in hospital for a few days, I ended up basically homeless for a lot of it and I did a lot of things which I'm not proud of.


At the end of 2011 I was happier mentally, but things still weren't great. I was unemployed as well. I also got into a massive fight on Christmas Day 2011 where I ended up with two black eyes and a scar on my hip where the guy tried to stab me to death with a biro (I broke his hand though!) I spent New Years Eve alone nursing a cocaine/vodka hangover.


Into 2012 and from about April things started looking up. I got a job. It was only telesales, but it was something and somehow I was actually good at it. I met a wonderful lady named Alexandra in my training group and a month later we got together.


At that point my drinking went way down, as did my drug use. I found a job back in the media industry which means I'm back on track career wise. My girlfriend moved in with me. I started eating healthier and was lost weight to be at my lightest in years.


My birthday was great, as was Halloween and Christmas. I had fallen out with a lot of my friends in 2011 but I've repaired those bridges late this year, so that's great.


Going into next 2013 I want to move up, career wise. I'm off to Cyprus in March, which I'm really looking forward to. Also, I'm considering proposing later in the year if things continue to go as they have been.


My only real worries are money. I've still got substantial debts which need to be sorted and thats the main thing that would hold me off of proposing.


Also, I want to rectify a big mistake I made last year to do with my family. Hopefully I can.


Overall, going forward, things look good. Happy New Year, everybody.

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Had a fantastic year on a personal and professional note. Myself and the Mrs moved into our own place together in the middle of the City which is just lovely, and generally everything has come up pretty rosy. I'm fortunate in that I've made contact with quite a few old friends over the year too, a combination of things like weddings, facebook adds and things of the like have brought that about.


Professionally I earned a promotion and in the summer I actually did some paid work for the local ITV outlet helping with the Olympic games coverage, which was both an incredible opportunity and a massive privilege to watch unfold. Not just because of the obvious headliners like your Bolts, Farahs and Ennis' but to see the local athletes do really well from East Anglia too.


Also from what I can tell, apart from a couple of colds and bad hangovers, my health has been relatively good this year without any serious bugs or anything. Right up until two days ago at least!


In 2013 I'm hoping to either earn another promotion in my current line of work or make a switch to covering sport on a full-time basis, either in print or in broadcast. Oh, and a new set of wheels. My Vauxhall Corsa is lovely and everything, but I think it's time for a change. Maybe a Golf or something.

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For me 2012 was an up and down year. On the good side of things I passed all my A-Levels and got into Uni. Uni has been awesome thus far. Plus on the home-side of things our group of friends has gotten pretty huge so it has been a lot of fun. On the flipside my Mother was diagnosed with Cancer in March so that was a really hard period. But she's got through it and is fighting fit now. So at the end everything has been restored to normality. Hopefully 2013 will be a better year health-wise and continue to be good socially.Plus hopefully I can get a part-time job and finally have some driving lessons.

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2012 has been the most eventful year in my life so far. The following happened;


- Went to Wrestlemania 28 (and USA for the first time)

- Proposed to my long term girlfriend in Rome

- Had a great stag do in Barca

- Went to Amsterdam for my brother in laws stag

- Went to Cyprus to see him get married


And the final months of 2012 have been me planning my wedding and honeymoon for the first few weeks of January!


If it wasn't for fucking Aguero, it would have been a perfect year :angry:

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2012 has been pretty good, with some real lows, but some massive massive highs which out way the lows


- Back problems seemed to have stabilised sorted themselves out, discharged from everything, and now not even using supports, though am bashing the tabs and using support as and when, largely though. No pain need to work on my stamina

- Got back into work. Okay is not the most stable or best job ever, and there have been some problems with some utter fuckwittery, am now on a long term placement with the chance of going perm. So happy days. It's not what I want to do long term but will help get me out of my hole financally

- Got back in the dating game, still attracting weirdo's well cant have everything I guess

- Kitchen got redone, new sofa bed sorted. Will sort a proper bed in the New Year and new room and finish off the kitchen ( needs tiling etc)

- Money has been a constant worry all year battles with the DWP stemming from the previous year and the almightest of cock ups by the job centre meant I literally had no cash coming in for large chunks of the year and was on the verge of bankruptcy. PPI claim and eventual work as well as a loan from the ex (no choice on that score, also nearly paid off already) means that come the end of Jan/ Feb I should be relatively solvent and out of my 1500 quid overdraft and have a lil savings started again as well. Thanks also to those peoples who have shouted me stuff at PCW shows, Iam so very grateful as it allowed me to at least get out of the house!

-Mumsy nearly died from Anyphalatic (sp?) shock from a steroid injection to her knee, as ever dysfuctional familyitis has meant that found out via Fb, yeah thanks. Also couldnt come up to see us later in the year as are skint. They have however invited me on holiday in April for Dad's 60th so will see what happens there

- Ex having a complete meltdown/burnout/breakdown has completely taken its toll. Sole dependency on me coupled with insanely long work hours has worn us down, I shouldnt care, but have to live with her so have no choice but to help sort shit out ( if you can find a house that is mortgaged for less than 100 quid a month, Id potentially move out, but am stuck via circumstance and finance)

- Mentally Ive been all over the place the highs lows and stress thoughout the year with finances, sorting people through break ups (threats of violence, because one of the partners though I was the other man, when they were miles and miles off, it wasnt a man she was seeing) setting up people in rellys :) and struggles and stuff has left me a little shot to bits. However, aiming to do what I want next year, which should be fun.


Other than that, seen some great wrestling, got pissed a bunch of times, met hundreds and hundreds of new people, seen a few gigs and generally getting myself out of the doldrums. Considering where I was and have been this year has been fucking awesome, heck I even got laid a bunch of times. WOO HA!

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-Dropped out of uni in February as I could not afford to be working less than 40hrs per week.

-Becoming a drop out and having to deal with my prick line manager at work lead to to a pretty depressing period which lasted till the end of summer.

-Financial situation pretty much forced me to move back home.

-Living away from all of my mates and not having the time nor means to see them.

-Gained 2 and a half stone.




-Started seeing an amazing girl in January and she has managed to put up with me for almost a year now.

-Partially due to my financial situation and partially out of choice I've managed to knock the drink/drugs on the head for the most part.

-Took matters in to my own hands towards the end of the year; re-enrolled in uni for my final year, sorted out my finances, started pursuing my chef qualifications as something to fall back on.

-Started playing American football again, and working on my fitness.

-Started work on a new short film.

-Started a savings account.


A mixed bag overall, I'm going to try and be more positive next year and make things happen like I did towards the end of 2012.

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Mixed bag really. First year of being married, which was fantastic. Eventually had an amazing honeymoon in June, which included bumping into Shane McGowan on the beach (which was very cool as our first dance wedding song was Fairytale of New York). Lots of incredible gigs and live events, which were fab. Family wise things have been difficult, lost my grandad in January, and husband lost his dad and uncle within a month of each other which was a massive shock. Very proud of my brother for finally sorting his life out, getting married and having a beautiful baby girl. Tiny bit of jealousy for me as I'm desperate for a baby which isn't happening at the moment. Settled into a new job which I absolutely love. House is still a bit of a building site.

Got lots to look forward to in 2013. Hoping I can make things work out.

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It's been a challenging year with some very testing times, but all of the tough times were completely overshadowed by the birth of our son. Two children now, one of each, that's our family complete. My wife has had a rough year, due to health reasons post-childbirth but everything is fine on that front now. All my holiday annual leave was spent looking after the kids while my wife was in hospital, so no holiday for me this year, but aside from missing my wife looking after the kids full time was something I loved doing.


Career-wise it's been the same. Same job, same money but more responsibility- you know how it is. Money is much tighter with two kids now and the government have cut my wifes salary, and we no longer qualify for the small tax credits we were previously entitled to. Need more money.


Looking back at 2012 it was a very tough year for us, but we worked hard and got through it. Next year is going to be a blinder, I'll make sure of it. Milestone birthdays, christening for both our children, a nice holiday and one thing that can have a big impact on us- a new job for me. Had a couple of interviews at this firm and I've had very positive feedback with a final decision being made next week. That would be a terrific start to the year- financial worries would be gone, which always helps.


Oh and on the media/entertainment side- my brief summary of 2012:

Football: shit.

Wrestling: poor.

Music: meh.

Movies: haven't seen enough, but loved Skyfall

Gaming: Zelda was rubbish, but made up for it playing Skyrim for most of the year- probably the best game I've ever played

TV: very good. Lots of shows I started to get into, decent new series of my favourite shows and Game Of Thrones being fucking brilliant.

Olympics: brilliant. Absolutely hooked for 2 weeks and great overall result for GB. Cracking opening ceremony that reminded me that there is British pride in me somewhere.

Other sport: very good. Incredible for Murray and dramatic European Ryder Cup win. Boxing and F1 passable for a casual like myself.

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In 2012 I got a job and my brain seemed to fall off a cliff again, however I met some one who has really helped me out on that score. I went to Paris, which was fun.

I've taken some time away from one of the few things I get a buzz from because I'm just not in a state to do it.

I tried my hand at on-line dating with apathetic results and gave painting a try with shit results. I'll post some photos of what I painted at some point, give every one a good laugh.

Bets of all I had a good laugh with our Baz on many occasions, who puts up with me being a total twat all the time


I think some other things went on too, but things get a bit hazy.


Next year I'm going to sort my spaz out, possible get a new job or keep my job and get some extra qualifications and I'll start doing that thing I enjoy again. I also intend to keep doing shit paintings.


Or I'll call it all a day, either way it'll be interesting.

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2012 has been an excellent year for me, and some of the challenges you guys have faced has made me realise how lucky I am.


I went to my third WrestleMania this year and was the best one yet with great company and truly unforgettable nights.

I went on a cruise around the Med with my girlfriend of 3 years now.

I've continued with my job in advertising, with some new responsibilities added and am very lucky to have the role and freedom I have.

I've lost nearly two stone throughtout the course of the year, and have recently got in to the habit of doing an early morning jog which has helped me keep the body and mind fresh.

I started learning the guitar, it's a slow process but am pleased with my progress thus far.

I went to LA and Las Vegas in the summer, had some truly awesome moments/nights out and was an overall unforgettable trip.


Roll on 2013, including Mania 29, a fortnight in Orlando and hopefully continuing to lose more weight!

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It's not been a terrible year for me. The low points stand out a lot more than the major positives and highs of the year, but it has been a good year for me.


I got the work placement of my dreams in Austria for my year abroad to work in motorsport and then lost it but managed to sort out another job at late notice which has better pay and is closer to my friends in Germany. So I moved out to Germany and after four months, I'm happier than I expected to me with my job and life in Hamburg.


I realised that I'd fallen for my flatmate and we dated for a while until she decided to take a year out in Australia and I went to Germany. That ended things rather suddenly there. So much like the end of last year, I'm going into the new year hoping I don't spend the next 6 months hung up on a girl... If I find my confidence, I'll try my hand at the German dating game.


I started playing sport again by getting back into playing cricket during summer and doing a full season of that. The weather spoiled about half of the season, but the half spent on the field was good fun and I was able to meet some good people from that.


I've been to some fantastic gigs with friends, made new friends and made plans for even more gigs and events in 2013. I kept up with the blog, despite writing less this year than I did in 2011, though I think the actual quality has improved and also started doing some freelance work writing motorsport articles for a website. I also turned my hand to acting for a short while in a German theatre project with my university which provided hours of fun with friends and tutors to put that together.


2010 and the first half of 2011 sucked, the latter months of last year were alright and this year has continued the upwards trend. With a bit of luck, things will continue on that path in 2013.

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Well my mum went into remission in Spring, but now has to have further treatment which has had a few stumbling blocks.


Got a foot in the door with a career in digital marketing, which meant working a second shitty job while completing the internship. Got offered a full-time position which I was enjoying and learning lots from, but then a few months later was made redundant because the company took a big hit financially. Still, I feel in a better position with the experience I have now, though looking for a job today isn't exactly easy.


My granddad had a stroke in November which has been a big stress on the family as he wasn't very responsive during the initial few weeks after.


A few weeks ago, me and my friend were mugged at knifepoint, and I had my Nexus phone taken, which was gut-wrenching for me as it was like another limb to me. New phone (newer model) ordered, paid for by my grandparents, as a Christmas present.


So while it took a while for things to get to a happy point in 2012, they did eventually; but since November everything has been slowly unravelling again :(


On the bright note, I made up for things in my life being a bit crumby at times by being more active and doing lots of gigs and stuff. I always used to be hesitant to do stuff or couldn't find people to go with to things; but now I don't mind meeting people at things or just enjoying these things and trips on my own. So, helped my friend organise a great Wrestlemania party; went to my first WWE show (Raw taping) in April; saw one of my top two bands, The Killers, live for the first time; saw Brand New (my other fave band) live for the third time, and Childish Gambino too, went to a live viewing of The Room with Tommy Wiseau; met Sheamus, Kaitlyn, Colt Cabana, Velvet Sky, Daniels & Kazarian (saw Cabana's podcast recorded live in London and then chatted to him afterwards for a few mins, which was one of the mor rewarding experiences meeting someone famous).

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Personally, I cannot wait to see the back of 2012. There has been a few good moments this year, but, the bad outweigh the good.


2012 has seen me find a job I truly love, that is decent pay and good hours, I was in a relationship with a really good lass until October and my dad seems to be finally in a happy place.


2012 has also seen the death of my mother which was an absolutely terrible few months which I wouldn't wish on anyone. Visiting the hospital everyday and seeing my mothers health deteriorate rapidly. She was only initially going into the hospital for a checkup and within 9 days, was admitted to intensive care and without the families authorisation, was placed onto the controvertial Liverpool Care Pathway. She passed away in her sleep, which is as peaceful as it gets. but I will never get rid of that final image of my mum, wheezing heavily in her sleep while she had blood pouring out of her nose, (an effect from the Care Pathway apparently). Even though my Mother and Father hadn't been together in 23 years, it was still heartbreaking to see my Dad so upset at seeing my Mother in hospital.


Following on from that, a month later, I had to have my dog put down, whom I'd had for 14 years. I'm glad that this happened after my mum had passed because I dont think she would have coped with losing the dog.


Onto a lighter note, in October, I decided to grab life by the balls and booked a one way flight for March 1st 2013 to Australia to travel and also had my 12 month Working-Holiday visa granted.


Roll on 2013!

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