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With Southside now running at least 12 shows a year we feel that there are plenty of free matches we can put on line. We have a huge back catologue and have decided to put up at least a couple of new matches each month.


Tonight we will be putting up Davey Richards v Noam Dar


Already up to name a few


Mark Haskins v Alex Colon - 2nd Anniversary show

Marty Scurll & Zack Sabre Jr v MK McKinnan & Jonathan Gresham - Supremacy

Sami Callihan v Dave Mastiff

The Predators v Project Ego

Pac v Kris Travis

Martin Kirby v Jonathan Gresham

Marty Scurll v Robbie X

Stixx v El Ligero

Joseph Conners v Mad Man Manson



We are looking at putting up Finlay v Martin Kirby , Kris Travis v Doug Williams , Rockstar Spud v T-Bone and the Speed King Final


Please feel free to make any suggestions although we will not be putting up any matches from out most recent 2 shows for a while.


Our You Tube channel is Southside Wrestling

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