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The Complete WWF Video Guide Volume II

History of Wrestling

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Hi guys,


Just letting you know that our new book The Complete WWF Video Guide Volume II has a teaser editional available for free on Amazon kindle until Christmas Day only, at this link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Complete-WWF-Video...0017&sr=1-1


The full book is also available for purchase on Kindle, and in its superior physical form at lulu.com




The team behind the ongoing Complete WWF Video Guide series are the same people who brought you All Or Nothing, the story of British promotion 1PW. The aim of this latest series is to fully document the history of the WWF via its VHS (and later DVD) releases. Every single tape and DVD will be covered over the course of the series, with each full book clocking in at around 350 pages with exclusive cartoon style artwork, massive reviews of each tape, match, angle, event, the lot.




What people have said about this series (so far):


Blake Norton:


"It's an incredible resource for our generation of wrestling fans."


John Lister:


"This is one of the very rare self-published books that is significantly better in print than e-book format. That's not to disparage the Kindle edition (and if cost is a factor it's likely better value), but it's a much easier read in print thanks to the great layout, formatting and artwork.


The book itself is very comprehensive and a genuinely useful reference guide, even if choosing between vintage WWF tapes is (thanks to the likes of YouTube) now an issue of time rather than money. There are some very neat touches like a complete ranking of all the tapes and a listing of the highest rated individual matches, plus some fun capsule bios.


The writing style won't necessarily be to everyone's taste. From a literary perspective it's fine -- it all reads smoothly and flows well. However, with a review project like this there's a fine line between being dry and dull, or being too outlandish. The style varies as there's a panel of authors, but on several occasions it verges too far into a forced personality with too many of the "smart fan" cliches such as excessive swearing, repetitive jokes about bookers being on drugs and the like. I understand these will be refined in volume 2, which will be a welcome improvement. One particular issue is the repeated references to individual wrestlers' motivation going into a bout (in reality, not storyline) which is clearly little more than speculation.


All that aside, it's definitely worth a read whether you are coming to this as nostalgia or its your first exposure to some of these classic -- and not so classic - video releases. "

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