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Official DG,ROH,UFC...dvd package LOWER PRICE


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Hi guys,


i'm clearing out part of my DVD collection and have quite a lot of stuff i'd like to sell to recoup some money for the holidays. in the future i will focus almost entirely on wwe dvd's and the odd tna or indy special release but that is it, with wwe having a massive library themselves it is more then enough to keep me busy. it's not that i don't like the others, or other company's ( hell i'm even going to the DG broxbourne double header..) it is just a financial choice for going forward from here on out.


a while ago i took a pic of most of the dvd's but in the meatime i decided i also would love to sell my shoot interviews and perhaps some others. so first, look at this pic:




Besides that, there are official shoot dvd's from HBK,Jeff Hardy,Bobby heenan,Jimmy Hart,Bret hart, Terry funk,Roddy piper.


Also, the UFC dvd's are not in that pic, it are 4 ufc dvd's, the shows with brock lesnars first 4 fights...i started buying them to have brocks ufc career on dvd but i quit after buying the first 4 since i'm not a ufc fan really. all dvd's are original and only watched 1 time.


There are also a few random dvd's i have, like a UWF best of bam bam bigelow dvd...i will throw a few of such dvd's in for FREE since here comes the major issue....i do not want to sell 1 or 2 dvd's at a time....it would get costly since i have to ship from Belgium and it would be madness sorting it out that way....i am really looking for a collector who is willing to take all of this off my hand AT ONCE !!


I have lowered my price to just 100

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All the DG dvd's have been sold. i know i said i only wanted an all in one sale but since nobody had contacted me yet untill i got this offer i felt it was a good start. i will try to take another picture later on so i can replace this one since it is not accurate anymore now. i will determine a new price then also for all the rest.

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Glad your happy :)


A mod may close this thread if needed, in the meantime i could trade most of the other dvd's with a local friend and i don't really have enough to put on sale anymore,i'm not gonna go through the hassle to sell maybe 1 or 2 other dvd's still,it's not worth it.


Glad i got to at least make 1 other fan happy lol.

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