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Fantasy Booking


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Need to do:

1) Create a name for your company

2) Create a roster for your company

3) Create a name for your debut show

4) Create the matches for your debut show



1) You can only use talent who mainly work in the UK & Ireland

2) You must pick a roster of a minimum of 12 guys.

3) On your debut show you can only use ONE import (No one from WWE or TNA)




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I'd put on a WCW WorldWide reunion show with the following card:


Silver King/El Dandy/Super Calo/Lizmark Jr. vs. Damien/Ciclope/Villano IV/Villano V


Glacier vs. Jerry Flynn


Blitzkrieg vs. Hector Garza


The Terrorist vs. The Patriot


Frank Anderson vs. Chip Minton


"Mr. Hole In One" Barry Darsow vs. Roadblock


Tokyo Magnum vs. Yuji Nagata


Scott Putski vs. The Gambler


nWo vs. The Flock:

Vincent/Scott Norton/Brian Adams/Stevie Ray vs. Riggs/Van Hammer/Reece/Lodi


Anything else can expect non-attendance from me.

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Ah feck it, i've got a few spare minutes before work, i'll bite.




-----Debut Show-----




All proceeds go towards getting Dananananakroyd back together again.



El Generico vs El Ligero



Mark Andrews vs MK MKinan



Kris Travis vs Noam Dar vs Zack Sabre Jr vs Trent Seven



Stixx and Stones (Stixx and Martin Stone) vs Sex Lives Of The Potato Men (Spud and Dave Mastiff)



Jimmy Havoc vs Clint Margera



'Mad Man' Manson vs Bubblegum



Mad buys.

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Ah I am a sucker for fantasy booking and I'll be honest that there's usually not a time I see a match or show announced and think about what I would have booked given the opportunity.


Not gonna name a company or debut show. I've not thought of any worth keeping that could stand out and be credible in this day and age.


As for roster I would book exclusively the best in the UK. Back when I first started following BritWres in 06/07 it was customary to see promotions use local talent and their own trainees. Now through promotions like RevPro, SWE, PCW, et al, the thought process really has turned to using the absolute best talent up and down the country. While this produces fantastic matches and shows, their rosters do have a lot of cross over so it would be hard for any new promotion to attempt to stand out by only using the best of BritWres when so many other companies will use the exact same names.


Fortunately South Yorkshire is pretty dead and it appears to only run shows by those promotions I derided for using local cheap talents who wouldn't get work elsewhere, so at least my promotion would stand out in it's own area. Running a show in a nice venue in the town centre or at least near-by would be essential as the family market HAS to be 99.9% of your audience in order to make the venture successful. Flashy, colourful but ultimately professional looking promotional material is a must, and I would ensure that the quality of the wrestling and angles is of such a high standard to provide reason for repeat visits.


For the very small minority that would travel to a show based solely off the card and to see what a new presentation would offer (ultimately, those fans may not even give it a shot until the second or third show based on feedback) I would attempt to put best foot forward with a stacked line up of either first time or rare UK matches that would provide not only quality matches, but also a strong face/heel dynamic to capture the attention of the majority of the audience.


I would announce the show three months in advance and immediately announce the opening and main event matches.


Opening Match:

Noam Dar vs MK McKinnan

-Two of the fastest rising UK wrestlers and at time of writing a singles match between the two is yet to take place although it has been booked previously (MK was forced to pull out due to injury) and it is only a matter of time before it takes place. I feel as an opening match, not just for the show but for the promotion as a whole, Dar/MK represents what I would like to promote - UK wrestling at it's finest. Two young guys who are capable of having incredible matches and I feel the two could produce some genuine magic together. So much so that in planning out a potential first year of shows, I'd have MK/Dar as the 1st, 10th and 50th match the promotion produces, injury permitting. This would be the start of a rivalry between the two.


Main Event:

Zack Sabre Jnr vs El Ligero

-And Preston recently inadvartantly booked what I was hoping would attract interest as a main event match! I've had the idea of booking my own show for numerous years now. For a long time it was Martin Stone vs El Ligero in what would have been a first time ever match, but then Stone got signed to the WWE and also went out for surgery. Then it was El Ligero vs Dave Mastiff but Preston again got there first as it'd been a fair few years since they last faced each other, and then that Wolverhampton promotion did it in September with Progress to follow in January. But with Zack/Ligero you have two of the UK's best - If not arguably THE best - And this match is still a rarity. If anything the Preston match showed what these two could potentially do in a main event. This would be a strong wrestling clinic to end the night and also help identify my promotion as one that would book the absolute best talent in England against each other.


The rest of the card I've got a few ideas about. I wouldn't turn a blind eye to what other promotions are doing and one match type I love that doesn't appear to get much attention these days is the six man tag. And every great six man tag needs a story and a structure. Therefore I would focus on the Scurll/Spud rivalry, but it does look like one of which will end up being a rarity on these shores pretty soon.


Six Man Tag:

Marty Scurll, Lion Kid & Robbie X vs Spud, Nathan Cruz & T-Bone

-Scurll would select his team first, LK due to previous history with Spud and Robbie as an emerging UK wrestler. Spud would select Cruz for his previous history with Scurll, but the X factor would be selecting a heavyweight in T-Bone to face what is essentially three light heavyweights. The hatred between Scurll and Spud would keep the match flowing but I'd also have underlying angles of Cruz trying to take the attention for himself, and either Kid or Robbie's battles with the larger T-Bone.


I was thinking Project Ego vs The Hunters but then RevPro got in before me! So:


Tag Match:

The Hunter Brothers vs Northern Xposure

-I originally had The Models down before the edit, but think NX would work better. They were one of the best ideas of FWA's rebirth and ultimately the FWA dropped the ball on them. First time ever match between the two teams and I could see both teams earning permanent roster spots.


I know so far the card has been very heavy on junior heavyweight wrestlers, so I'd at least like to have one if not two heavyweight battles. Dave Mastiff would always be my #1 pick when it comes to the best heavyweights in England, but the opponent for it to be a first time and rarity is a challenge. Mastiff has faced T-Bone ever since T-Bone broke out onto the UK scene, he's faced Stixx and Johnny Moss numerous times. I did have a match in mind but NGW booked it for the first time ever, so I would have to settle on a rarity:


Heavyweight Clash:

Dave Mastiff vs Rampage Brown

-Happened once in NGW, but fortunately on a smaller show so this should catch attention hopefully. Whilst I missed their NGW match I'm positive these two would work together and have a true heavyweight battle. I'd definitely have Brown as the heel here, and post-match I would debut Colossus Kennedy to attack Mastiff and begin their feud.


With a 5 match card already, I'd definitely want to cap it off at 6 or 7 at the very most. Anything more than that, especially on a debut, would kill the audience. Ultimately the show should only be two and a half hours, including intermission. I've got a hot, fast paced opener between two of the best young wrestlers in England. A tag match between two great teams in a first time ever encounter with a strong face/heel dynamic. Intense and heated six man tag with purpose and driven by simple but strong ideals. Intermission. And a heavyweight battle either first match from intermission or the semi-main if it's a six match card.


I'm torn here. I'd love to have a "hometown boy" on the show, as a cheap way to instantly build rapport and a fan favourite, but there's only really Kris Travis from Sheffield as one of very few talents from South Yorkshire but he excels as a heel, especially in tandem with Martin Kirby as Project Ego as they are one of the best tag teams in England and definitely a team I would frequently use. I think Mark Haskins has actually become underrated in just how fantastic he has been in the ring since being released on TNA, plus I could get a cheap "Seen on TNA" on the poster. Haskins is also a tag team specialist, but I'm unsure who I'd have him partner. Either Mark Andrews, Owen Phoenix or Dean Allmark.


Tag Match

Project Ego vs Mark Haskins & X




One thing I'd love to do is promote win/loss records and stables. You can build up winning streaks to have two undefeated wrestlers finally face off. A desperate win for someone on a losing streak and close to losing their spot on the roster. The upsets and drama to try and make each match at least mean *something*. And when simply winning a match isn't enough, if you have a few wrestlers together in a stable and causing hell, a few other wrestlers could band together so when you have matches between the two opposing teams you have matches for pride and revenge to go along with a wrestlers record. I'm not talking CHIKARA/Dragon Gate levels of stables, but at least some alliances can be made.


Having the six man on the first show was also a statement as I would use those stables going forward in these type of matches. I love having a team hierarchy so you'll have your #1's, #2 and #3's on each team so it'd be a big deal for the leader of each team to pin the other, or a massive boost up the card if the #3 or #2 could pin someone higher up than him in a six man when he wouldn't fare as well in a singles. I dunno, that's something I've loved about All Japan for quite some time.




So card in review:


Main Event

Zack Sabre Jnr vs El Ligero


Tag Match

Project Ego vs Mark Haskins & X


Heavyweight Clash

Dave Mastiff vs Rampage Brown



Six Man Tag

Marty Scurll, Lion Kid & Robbie X vs Rockstar Spud, Nathan Cruz & T-Bone


Tag Match

The Hunter Brothers vs Northern Xposure


Opening Match

Noam Dar vs MK McKinnan




Second show would likely feature Zack vs Mastiff main event, Dar/MK rematch to open the second half (and also be the 10th match in the promotion) Ego vs NX and Kennedy's official in-ring debut, most likely leading into another confrontation with Mastiff. Third show would be a one night tournament for a Cup/Trophy and also an added boost to the W/L records for the victor, and the Cup/Trophy could also be used as a match device at future shows. I'd hold off introducing a Title Belt for at least the first year of the promotions existence, the Cup can serve as something to aspire for in the mean time. It would also likely be an annual tournament.


So yeah.

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"Who booked this shit"


Where's the money motherfucker match.

TLC but does the briefcase contain cash or the official documentation.

Steve Corino v Lord GT


Bragging Rights. "I run the most shows" match.

Travis, Hakkan and Karl Kramer w/ Bagga v Frankie Sloan ,Robbie Brookside and Allmark w/Dixon


Hardcore anything goes rematch.

Mike Mason w/Becky v Holly Rocamora


Sharpshooter submission match

Johnathon Sedgewick v Dragon Aisu


Weapons and no dq bag of pound coins on a pole match

Brett Bell v Iceman


Let the bodies hit the floor Battle royal. Lion Kid, Paul Robinson, Little Legs, Gman, Spud, Marty Scurll, Ashley Reed, Noam Dar, Bargheera, Mark Andrews, Robbie X, Haskins, Alex Shane, Dave Mastiff and Stixx.


Race war opener. Flag Match winner burns the flag.

Bhangra Knights v The Hooligan Knights.

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British Organisation of Wrestling (BOW, get it)




El Ligero

Jonny Storm

Terry Frazier

Leroy Kincade

Dan 'Pretty Boy' Walsh

Wade Fitzgerald

Nick Riley

Rockstar Spud

Dave Mastiff

Andy Simmonz

Sha Samuels

Joey Hayes

CJ Banks

Karl Atlas

James Mason

Dan Breaks

Mark Sloan

Robbie Brookside


Tag Teams:

LDRs (Marty Scrull and Zack Sabre Jr.)

Project EGO (Kris Travis and Martin Kirby)

Hooligans (Roy and Zack)

Stixx and Malen

Cymru Amazing (Matt Vaughn and Iestyn Rees)






1. LDRs vs. Project EGO


2. James Mason vs. Mark SLoan


3. Leroy Kincade vs. Karl Atlas


4. Alex Shelley vs. Jonny Storm




5. Elimination match: El Ligero vs. Rockstar Spud vs. Jonny Storm vs. Joey Hayes


6. Hooligans vs. Cymru Amazing


7. Nick Riley vs. Dave Mastiff


8. No Holds Barred: Sha Samuels vs. Terry Frazier

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