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The Main Event! The Showstopper! The Icon!


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He wasn't just the best ever, he was also willing to spend a few quid on outfits, and everybody should respect that. So post your favourite Shawn Michaels attires. Rockers, 90s super gay, 00s baggies, it's all welcome here. Only post one or two so everybody can chip in. I like the different colour of tights, but if you would care to highlight the various bejewelled monstrosities he used to like in his entrances, that's all good too. Even talk about why if you like. We're all mates here.


This is definitely threadworthy.


Here's my two favourites:




Shawn in blue was great. Looked proper 90s cool against Razor at Summerslam, and it felt a bit Main Event when he would dust it off on TV.





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Great thread.


Yeah, that style is the one I think everyone really loved. So even though he did well after his comeback, with loads of good matches, feuds, and moments when everyone thought he'd long since retired, his dulled down choice of attire was the one big disappointment. A load of blacks, greys, and even THAT brown.


So when he came out at Mania 19 with these bad boys on, it made it even more special:



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Don't have a pic but my faves were the red & white colour scheme he wore at One Night Only and the 2003 Rumble. His attires were pretty much all class until he switched to the baggy trousers At WM2005, especially all the ones that were some combination of red, white and black.


Of course, if we're including The Rockers, nothing tops this classic! (although the Rumble 91 gear does come close)



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The Shawn Michaels' Threads Thread, love it.




1992 zebra look.




This shot is better. It has Sherri's tits. Plus, look CLOSE (at Shawn's tights), they are slightly different. The first ones are zebra print with bits of bold black, the block bits here are white.




Least expensive outfit, but NEWM's favourite.



EDIT : I propose a similar thread in the new(m) year for Savage, he had millions of outfits, we could keep that one going forever.




Here he is with Sherri.

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Naughty heel black tights.


In the Backlash following Wrestlemania XX, Benoit was defending in Montreal. Michaels wore those tights again, and played heel throughout - most entertainingly when Earl Hebner came out for a near fall. Loved that detail.

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