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Timeshift: Wrestling's Golden Age: Grapplers, Grunts & Grannie

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Funnily enough, I spent about 45 minutes on the phone to Kincaid today for an upcoming FSM piece -- great guy.


The documentary was fantastic in that it was 97% genuinely well researched, accurate and a fair summary, 2% "The Queen was at the Albert Hall matches every month/McManus-Pallo did 22 million" and 1% "Oh Peter Blake, you wonderful mark." I never thought I'd see a genuinely mainstream piece on British wrestling that gave credit to Norman Morrell.


The clips of McManus-Pallo looked good -- for something 50 years ago, it sure didn't look like the stereotypical "they sat in a headlock for 20 minutes."


It was notable BBC raided their own archives and used every bit of footage going. The Tally Ho Kaye match and the stuff with him in training is from The Big Time, which is on YouTube at:



The Klondyke Kate match was from Forty Minutes and the Nagasaki-Haystacks stuff was from Arena.

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As someone not exactly interested in or entrenched in British wrestling, I thought it was poor.


For a start, it took far too long to get to the point that it was predetermined that it almost seemed embarrassing.


And then it seemed to present itself as though professional wrestling as a form of entertainment as a whole is just off TV. Is one of the big reasons for the decline of British wrestling not the rise of American wrestling on our screens?


Also, those two blokes from Wrestling Heritage going by their nicknames....Jesus. You're too old for that sort of shit lads; you're being interviewed for a BBC documentary, not a wrestling forum.

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