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UFC 155: 'Dos Santos vs Velasquez 2'


Who wins and how?  

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Junior Dos Santos vs Cain Velasquez - UFC Heavyweight Title

Joe Lauzon vs Jim Miller

Tim Boetsch vs Constantinos Philippou

Yushin Okami vs Alan Belcher

Chris Leben vs Derek Brunson



Brad Pickett vs Eddie Wineland

Erik Perez vs Byron Bloodworth

Melvin Guillard vs Jamie Varner

Michael Johnson vs Myles Jury



Phil De Fries vs Todd Duffee

Chris Cariaso vs John Moraga

Leonard Garcia vs Max Holloway


OK, a very good card but the main event is where it's at here. A huge rematch between the two best heavyweights in all of MMA.


They fought back in November last year and ushered in the UFC on FOX era...



Everyone expected a real clash of the titans, a long gruelling battle, but just 60 seconds into round 1...



The Dos Santos fans did something like this..



Whereas Cain's following reacted more like this..



But everyone was saying..



Regardless, we had a new UFC heavyweight king;



They both fought once since then, the same night at UFC 146...


Cain found Bigfoot...



And beat the shit out of him;







Dos Santos faced off with Frank Mir...



...and took sweet revenge for Big Nog's broken arm by smacking him about for 2 rounds..







With both looking so dominant Dana had a plan...









On the undercard, in what could be the show stealer...


'Creepy' Joe Lauzon



...fresh off a Fight Of The Year candidate win over Jamie Varner and last seen having a chin-wag with MMA's new heavyweight prospect...



Lauzon squares off with...


Jim Miller



...last seen almost biting his own tongue off against Nate Diaz...



Tim Boetsch



...attempts to redeem himself coming off one of the shittest fights of 2012 against Hector Lombard. He'll be facing Constantinos Philippou.


Also, Chris Leben



...attempts to redeem himself coming off a suspension for a drug test failure and faces middleweight wrecking ball Karlos Vemola.


These two fuckers are having a rematch...



The UK's Brad Pickett



will be looking to land his 'One Punch' on tough WEC vet Eddie Wineland...



And we were also supposed to have Forrest Griffin on the card but from what I hear he's still running







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Great job as always. Particularly chuckled at:


They both fought once since then, the same night at UFC 146...


Cain found Bigfoot...


And beat the shit out of him;


Dos Santos faced off with Frank Mir...


...and took sweet revenge for Big Nog's broken arm by smacking Frank Mir about for 2 rounds..


With both looking so dominant Dana had a plan...



Hoping dos Santos beats Velasquez for the second time, dos Santos is so likeable. I totally forgot about Miller/Lauzon, that should be a great fight. Early prediction is dos Santos wins by KO in two, Miller by Decision and Leben by KO.

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That Rasahd gif makes me piss myself every time I see it. Sterling work.


Tragically, I did do something like that at 3am which woke half my road up. I agree with The Natural's main card picks, its nice to see Leben on the main card, wish Pickett was on but I am nitpicking, because that Main Card looks fantastic.

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Philippou is a decent bet, I am not sold on Boetsch.


I was very impressed when he beat the solid Court Mcgee, and I see last time out he beat Riki Fukada who is again solid. Boetsch is a grinder and is tough as nails, but I think he will eventually become a gatekeeper, the win over Okami is impressive for the heart he showed, but he was getting whipped before that. He can not get away with being pummeled in every fight.


The Lombard fight was just a stalemate, you could have judged it either way, plus we still do not know how good Lombard is. If Palhares exposes him this weekend, then Boetsch's razor thin win does not look that good.


So whilst Boetsch has a better chance than he did with Weidman, I think Philippou wins come the 29th.


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I think Boetsch and Philippou are similar in that they're both tough, rough house type fighters with heavy hands and are durable. But I don't see either of them as top level middleweights. Good but no championship level material in my opinion. But they're quite evenly matched I think so this fight could be really good.


I could see the winner fighting the winner of the Jacare/Larkin Strikeforce fight in January. Assuming the winner is brought in by the UFC.

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Fantastic card breakdown yet again Wand, I think they're a massive contributor to your inevitable victory as MMA Poster of the Year. :)


UFC 155 as a full card is kinda crazy now. We went from having a insanely loaded card to having a card that's still pretty damn good fight-wise, but the main event is the only one that could sell on the marquee. The local ads here are promoting Griffin-Davis, Weidman-Boetsch and Lauzon-Maynard, none of which remain intact. Neither Griffin or Davis remain on the card in any capacity, and Costa as a replacement for Weidman should make a good fight, but I'm surprised that remains the co-main. Personally, I'd re-shuffle the card a little and have Belcher-Okami as the co-main. If I really had total control (i.e if I was Joe Silva), I'd switch the fights up to be Belcher vs. Boestch and Okami vs. Phillippou.


Out of the fight changes, I like Lauzon vs. Miller the best. Miller went from a hot streak in the division to dropping 2 straight against Henderson and Diaz, thinking he gets back on track with a decision over J-Lau. Miller has better cardio IMO, and outside of Diaz hadn't been finished. He's especially good at submission defense, I think the only reason Diaz got him was the fact he was biting his own tongue, had it been a straight guillotine I don't think it would have got the job done. Lauzon is very durable and has a great ground game, so I can't see Miller finishing him, but I do see Miller being the better fighter.


Leben vs. Vemola is a very interesting fight to me. I've liked Vemola since he destroyed Petruzelli at LHW. He's a massive MW, remembering he started his UFC career at HW. Even though Leben has heavy hands, I don't think he has enough power to knock out such a big guy. This is another fight I could see going to decision, I can see Vemola tiring out and Leben winning on points.


The main event is really a pick 'em fight, which seems nuts with how the first fight went, but if you think of "a man on a mission", that's Velasquez, he absolutely brutalised Bigfoot last time, and I think he brings that same violence, better health and preparation to this rematch. By no means will he steamroll JDS, but I could see a TKO occuring in the 3rd. He'll find his range in the first, mix striking with takedowns and clinching in the second and unleash a barrage in the cage in the 3rd. JDS will give him a hell of a fight, but I think Cain is too motivated. JDS has better striking as far as power and technique, but I think Cain has greater hand speed. Both have great cardio, but I think Cain can tire out JDS with grappling. Even if he can't get the takedown, I think clinching will be a big factor. But then again, I could be completely wrong and JDS could repeat the Carwin performance, albeit with a finish. Who knows?


Prelims look good too, what happened to Eric Koch vs. Cub Swanson? I could swear that was scheduled for this card. Another injury hit? Anyways, Pickett vs. Wineland should be just as fun, Johnson vs. Jury will be scrappy, and Duffee is always worth watching. And even though he got embarrassed in his last fight, I'm a big Cody McKenzie fan. Hope he sends Garcia packing.

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Great job Wand, best posts of the year for me are when you start these threads.


Loving this card, great fights top to bottoma and a real close main event I think, Cain looked like a monster against Silva if he can get Dos Santos down he could win this but Dos Santos has good BJJ which he never has to use so it could go either way.


I'm interested to see if Todd Duffee has sorted out his attitude and can live up to his potential.

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Philippou is a decent bet, I am not sold on Boetsch.

yeh i quite fancy Philippou there as well, if it plays out of the feet Boetsch needs bust his box of tricks and try popping Costa from range because i don't fancy Boetsch's chances in a battle of the hands...id have said the same before the Boetsch/Lombard fight though, but as someone said that could barely be considered a fight. I imagine Boetsch is gonna try grinding this one out on the ground, in interested how that goes though, Philippou is a Matt Serra guy so he's gotta have some kind of ground game.


Interesting fight.

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Don't worry, this isn't a bad news bump.


Joe Lauzon vs Jim Miller has been upgraded to co-main event status. I really think that fight could be a late contender for FOTY.


Awesome trailer for JDS vs Cain 2;



And a cracking JDS highlight;


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10 min extended preview.



I really hope JDS wins, Cain is not a bad guy or unlikable but fucking hell is he dull.


It is hard not to like JDS, he is a bit like GSP was in 2005 with better English, very humble and polite but a fucking exciting fighter as well. If Cain wins we get potentially Cain vs Overeem that is great, but Overeem vs JDS is better. That would be the first time we would see JDS in a fight with genuine dislike as well.


Fuck the long game, I hope JDS knocks him out as soon as possible. Results matter more to me than exciting fights these days with important fights.

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