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10 years on: WWA Retribution PPV in Glasgow


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I just read that it is 10 years to the day since the defunct World Wrestling Allstars taped what would be their second last PPV, in Glasgow, of all places. The results of the show were:


Shark Boy defeated Frankie Karazian


Konnan pinned Spyder Nate Webb (after Perry Saturn ran in and destroyed Webb)


Buff Bagwell & Johnny Swinger defeated Norman Smiley & Malice


Mike Sanders (Commissioner for the tour) beat Joe E. Legend - both cut a great promo earlier in the show, and followed up with a solid match.


Teo pinned Puppet with Midajah as the ref


Jeff Jarrett pinned Nathan Jones to retain the NWA World Title


WWA WORLD TITLE MATCH: Lex Luger defeated Sting to win the VACANT title (this went on last on the televised PPV).


TRIPLE THREAT MATCH: Sabu defeated Simon Diamond & Perry Saturn


I attended the show (time flies!) and remember being a tad disappointed on the night. For me the show was nowhere near as enjoyable as the WWA house show that took place in Glasgow a year earlier, during the promotion's inaugural UK tour. I felt the lineup was weaker, the show was less enjoyable from a storyline perspective, and the production was worse.


The show had been postponed from May 2002, allegedly due to injuries, but realistically it was rumoured that the postponement was due to poor advance sales; interestingly Eddie Guerrero, AJ Styles, Jerry Lynn, Rey Mysterio, and other solid technicians were advertised for the cancelled May tour, in addition to the "star names" of Steiner, Jarrett, Sid, Brian Christopher, Road Dogg.


Ultimately the December 2002 tour didn't draw well in most cities. This may have been due to the WWE starting to run 4 dates or more at a time during visits to the UK for the first time in about 6 years.


It's funny to remember the surprise that Sting was announced AND actually appeared on the tour - it's even more surprising to think that he is still active. This is a guy that knows how to protect his value.


Sting's opponent on the night, Lex Luger, was months away from a huge turning point in his life, the tragic drugs induced death of his partner Elizabeth. She was advertised as appearing on the tour - she didn't appear in Glasgow, but no idea if she appeared elsewhere. Going back to Luger, he was in bad shape - it's amazing to think they gave him the strap.


Perry Saturn and Godfather being added to the tour as a compromise with WWE for Scott Steiner withdrawing from the tour to debut at Survivor Series. Godfather no-showed. X-Pac had been prominently billed as appearing but his name disappeared from said ads a while in advance of the tour (Bam Bam Bigelow had been less prominently advertised, but again did not appear).


Nathan Jones appeared even though he had signed with WWE. That turned out to be a great run . . .


Simon Diamond ended up concussed with the worst blown table spots known to man; if I recall, after a gimmicked table collapsed with his weight, he was placed on a real table that wouldn't break no matter how many times Sabu bumped onto him. It became a laughing matter for the crowd.


Old school Brit fans will have found the referees familiar - Tony St Clair and Jeff Kay.


The show wasn't televised on PPV in the States until a considerable time later. Probably a good thing given the production blunders that needed to be sorted.

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I too attended this one. It was down to the WWA that I found out what TNA was. I was a follower of the WWA and got all the official released DVD's but had to get the Glasgow "PPV" on VHS tape from Australia for

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Godfather got himself sacked over that, didn't he? Didn't turn up when he was contractually obligated to. Released shortly afterwards.

I wondered what happened to the Godfather. I remember going to the Newcastle house show around that time and Godfather was prominently displayed in the programme as part of a trade with Perry Saturn for Scott Steiner, yet never saw his name on any of the results on the Internet when I looked them up.


I think I also came across NWA-TNA through the WWA too.

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