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PBW star Kay Lee Ray to debut in Japan - 20.12.2012


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Taken from pbwwrestling.com


'As previously reported on www.facebook.com/pbwwrestling PBW star Kay Lee Ray will be heading to Japan on the 17th December to begin a month long stay in wrestling rich Japan. Kay Lee will compete for the two very well respected womans companies Gatomove and Japanese Women's Pro Wrestling Project. Kay Lee will be thrown straight into the deep end with her debut scheduled for the 20th of December when she will team with Rhio against Hailey Hatred & Kaori Yoneyama for the Gatomove promotion. She will again compete for Gatomove on the 23rd December before making her debut at the world famous Korakuen Hall on the 24th of December when she debuts for Japanese Woman's Pro Wrestling Project.



We are also told there is a strong possibility of Kay Lee wrestling on another 3 shows after the new year before her return in to Scotland on January 17th.


Its has been a breakout year for Paisley born Kay Lee Ray, a year that has saw her compete against world famous female stars such as Mickie James and Angelina Love aswell as produce a string of stunning displays against top independant female talent from around the world. It is no wonder she has attracted this attention from Japan and it shows how highly rated she is when companies are willing to make such an investment in a young woman that has yet to recieve any international TV time.


The opportunity for Kay Lee to both train and compete in Japan is surely one that she will grab with both hands and the Kay Lee Ray we all know at PBW will do us all proud.'



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How comes a month and not longer ala zack, going with what's available?


Because a month is what we agreed. I know that's not much of an explanation but sometimes there simply isn't a lot of gossip with regards to things like this.


A month sounds plenty for a first tour, if she gets on well over there and enjoys it i'm sure she won't struggle to get another tour

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The time period for Zack was largely to do with NOAH's touring schedule, I imagine.


I'd imagine so too.


I mean this is how it went down, they emailed me (as talent coming from Japan to Europe and going from Europe to Japan is part of my deal with them in the talent exchange and we'd agreed there would be at least two wrestlers from EVE go to Japan in 2013), they told me their show dates and which ones they wanted KLR on, they then gave us several options of periods length of stay , I spoke to Kay, gave her the options and she said a month, I said fine, emailed Japan, told them she'll be coming a month, thus a month was agreed. There really wasn't more looked into it than that. She's working the big Korakuen Hall event on Dec 24th at JWP and also working a tag on Dec 20 for Gatoh Move teaming with Riho vs Hailey Hatred and Kaori Yoneyama (on the same show Emi Sakura defends the EVE Title against Hiroyo Matsumoto).

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