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What Are The Top 1PW Matches?

Ez Money

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For anybody who knows what was the better match betweeen AJ and Pac. The 1PW match or the PWG they had at All Star Weekend 4?


I haven't seen the 1PW match but the PWG match was basically a squash with Pac getting in only about 3-4 huge moves while spending the rest of the match getting the shit kicked out of him. I enjoyed it but imagine if the 1PW match was more even it would probably have been better. There's a great bit in their PWG match where AJ dropkicks Pac and Pac somehow manages to bump onto his forehead. About 5 seconds later a giant red egg has formed on his face.

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I went to the first 8 shows, these are the best that I recall, for a variety of reasons. There are plenty "worth watching" but these for me were the solid gold "worth the price of admission" matches.


All Or Nothing Night One

* AJ Styles VS Samoa Joe - the first match I saw in 1PW where I thought they really went balls to the wall.

All Or Nothing Night Two

* Samoa Joe VS Rhino - at the time a first-time meeting, two bulls colliding.

* AJ Styles VS Samoa Joe VS Chris Daniels - one week before Destination X, this was action-packed and felt a big deal.

Know Your Enemy Night One

* Takeshi Morishima & Mohammed Yone VS Doug Williams & Nigel McGuinness - epic, but only if you like that sort of thing.

Fight Club

* Nigel McGuinness VS Darren Burridge - the best match on the mat they ever put on.

Know Your Enemy Night Two

* Lance Storm VS Doug Williams - a unique match, and like Lance's against Danielson at Better Than Our Best, very rewarding.

* Jody Fleisch & Jonny Storm VS AJ Styles & Chris Daniels - just superb. Definitely a peak, loads of fun.




ALSO worth watching but not quite the creme de la creme for me :

* Low Ki vs Iceman at A Cruel Twist Of Fate for a lesson in taking your beating like a man.

* Raven vs The Sandman vs Tommy Dreamer from the same show is certainly not a unique nostalgia fuelled, plunder strewn brawl, but is a fun one, mostly because Dreamer had not been advertised to wrestle, and personally I get a kick out of seeing Sandy pour lager into my mate's mouth on the DVD.

* Styles/Lynn on AON Night Two is pretty good.

* The triple threat and six-way dance matches featuring young Pac on the KYE cards are fun.

* Christian vs Steve Corino on KYE Night 1 is superb for showing how to turn a partially-unexpected heel crowd reaction to your advantage.

* It's fun to see Tracy Smothers and Chris Hamrick keep up with Fleisch and Storm on KYE Night 2.

* You'll never get a more random match than Austin Aries & Roderick Strong VS Takeshi Morishima & Mohammed Yone VS Al Snow & The Blue Meanie, from the same match.


Fuck it, it's ALWAYS fun to see Tracy Smothers.


EDIT - looking back, I'm so happy Lance got that match with Williams, he was royally shafted (as we all were) over the night before where Credible no-showing denied us the advertised Impact Players vs Phenomenal Angels first round bout. Who the hell makes a transatlantic flight to team up with Andy Simmons???

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On their final run of shows LDRS vs Pac and Haskins was brilliant, one of best tag matches I've ever seen live.

Can you see that anywhere though, I thought because it was the last show and the difficulties it wasn't available. I remember. They were selling the DVD of the previous night at that show.

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Some of my favourite 1PW matches/moments include:


Too Cold Scorpio vs Sterling James Keenan - 1PW All Or Nothing 2006 Night 2.


Nigel McGuinness & Doug Williams vs Takeshi Morishima & Mohammed Yone - 1PW Know Your Enemy 2006 Night 1. A match I definitely appreciate a lot more watching back than I unfortunately did live.


Lance Storm vs Doug Williams - 1PW Know Your Enemy 2006 Night 2.


Nigel McGuinness vs Doug Williams - 1PW Invincible 2006.


AJ Styles vs PAC - 1PW First Year Anniversary 2006.


Nigel McGuinness vs Darren Burridge - 1PW Second Year Anniversary 2007. I still say this is the best match 1PW ever produced.


Sterling James Keenan vs Martin Stone - 1PW To The Extreme 2009 Night 1.


Nigel McGuinness vs Johnny Moss - 1PW To The Extreme 2009 Night 2.


Desmond Wolfe vs Lionheart - 1PW New Divide 2010. Last 1PW show and match I ever saw, so at least I ended on a high.



Hmmm beginning to think I may have some kind of bias....



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I don't think the one your thinking of was a match spud was cutting a promo was attacked by abyss. Was either the second night of no turning back, or the second night of all or nothing 2006. Or both can't remember.


EDIT: Just remebered pretty sure it was the second night of All or Nothing when Abyss had won the title. Interrupted Spud cutting a promo and then SJK offered Spud a shot at the title.

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