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Wanted: Silvervision PPV boxes


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Out of curiosity, did anyone ever pm you about these mate ?i ask because i've been wanting to find them for a long time as well and also have no clue where to look these days...i only ever found the 2005 and 2007 boxes on a dutch board long ago and i've wanted to complete the others to get the full set...i've always really loved the look of having the massive boxes filled with complete years worth of ppv, it's a shame wwe stopped after 2010 i think and now with the silvervision stepdown we will probably never get them now anymore...but alas, i would at least like to find the ones that do exist to make a nice display setup with all the boxes completed.Anyway, didn't want to hijack your thread by any means, i was just wondering if you ever found out where to still find them or know of boardmembers that still might have some for me.thanks :thumbsup:

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