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Chest Rockwell

UKFF Hip Hop Thread

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Can't imagine anyone who would click on this thread hasn't heard those two songs!


Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind (terrible name) from Jedi Mind Tricks is an amazing producer.


It's a real fucking shame he has saddled himself with Vinnie Paz who is a fucking idiot. He has also worked with some other not very good rappers who nonetheless seem amazing in comparison to Vinnie (I'm looking at you Canibus). I thought I'd chuck down a little collection of some of his stuff:



Canibus - Rip the Jacker


This is a link to the whole album with links in the info to jump to each track. Stoupe produced this whole album and yeah, the beats are great. If I'm to recommend one tune to check it's probably the first one entirely because it samples the music from Candyman. If that's not a good enough reason for you then listen to Showtime at the Gallows.


this track has imspired this post, as the Mic Club album by Canibus has been in my car a lot recently (he is a bit of a tool but he has a nice flow and can be pretty funny, both intentionally and unintentionally. I quite enjoy his music)


Quick run through some choice cuts from Jedi Mind Tricks stuff!


I who have nothing

Retalliation (Violent by Design is by far their best album as a whole, but Stoupe's production is still great on later stuff)

Heavenly Divine I think I have listened to this track about a million times

I hate you for wasting this beat Vinnie, you twat.



In fact, fuck this JMT shit. Vinnie is making me angry. Here's a track he produced for GURU -



One for Reks -





Overall though, he hasn't produced for enough good rappers which is a massive shame. You could probably splice together something really good with all the (many) guest spots on JMT albums though. In fact, I might start work on a Paz-less JMT mixtape and call it "The Best of Jedi Mind Tricks". It would actually be really good to listen to and prove once and for all that Vinnie Paz is a dickhead.

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I loved Canibus back in the day he was one of those rappers that every song that came out on each album was just better and better and better


Chest you are bring back all my memories when i was younger definately :)

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Addendum to that post...


Stoupe has also inspired something of a movement with the style of his beats and the crews that he's associated with. Although he hasn't produced beats for them that JMT sound can still be heard in stuff like Army of the Pharoahs, Outerspace, etc.


For the most part, not great but there's some real gems in there. The first AOTP album, for example - any of the tracks that have both Celph Titled and Apathy on them are all good.


And then there's this track. Although I could probably count on my fingers the number of times I've listened to the whole album this song is apparently one of my most listened to songs ever according to Last.fm. I love this beat.


Outerspace - Top Shelf

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I find that a lot of the AOTP is incredibly hit & miss. I like a lot of Apathy, Celph & Esoteric stuff on there but there's a lot of shit to skip through before you get a gem. Reef Tha Lost Cauze is pretty ace too.


I can't post download links from the office but there's a great mixtape called 'Razortag' that's available (or at least was) for legal download. It's DJ Green Lantern with 'Styles of Beyond' that featured Apathy, Celph & others. Definitely worth checking out.


Edit: Here's the link for it.



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ATTN Loki:


Awesome jazzy remix of Mos Def - Travelling Man


Same guy - Pete Rock & CL - TROY


The second one, whilst still nice, doesn't work as well for me, I think because the beat for the original is so iconic. (or whatever the equivalent for iconic is for a sound if that isn't the correct word... Ronnie?)

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Back to Sean Price again. 2012 has been his year!


Here is is awesome Christmas song, with fantastic video



Bonus Christmas hip hop - go look up DMX singing Rudolph the red nosed reindeer; it's hilarious..

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Hey Chest I've been listening to Prince Among Thieves all week at work. It is awesome man. I can't believe I missed out on this, it has certainly become one of my fav albums, theirs not many that I can listen to without skipping tracks, but not with this. So many thanks for mentioning it :thumbsup: . I haven't gotten around to listening to Handsome Boy Modeling School yet, not much space on my mp3 player, but I will give it a listen, later on perhaps.


Anyone else ever heard of Distrakt?


Nope. However now I do, I like his style. His animations remind me of Ralph Bakshi, he indeed does have some pretty cool stuff going on. one of my favourites from him is probably this;



HipHop and giant robots, that's perfect.


Subbing to him also lead me to this other artist and video, which I think is pretty neat



Also good shout on Jedi Mind Tricks and Stoupe, he does make some killer beats. As for Jedi, I sometimes find that his lyrics are too vicious for the beat he is rapping on. The tune will be almost RnB love kind of beat and he is talking about "God hates me! I'm the first to cast the first stone" etc, lol. Still like what they do though.


One of my fav tracks is where they sampled Max Payne, even putting in that crazy ass boss, who thinks he is Matt Hardy drinking the blood of fallen angels :laugh:


Great track though, for Max Payne fans and HipHop fans here it is;




Talking about games, I've been listening to the Madworld soundtrack a lot this week, have to say I like it, another rare start to finish album for me. Worth checking out, here are some picks from it.


Ox - Get it up



Doujah Raze - Come With It



Ox - Body That



Sick YG - Look Pimpin



Ox - Crimson Rain



I swear that last one has sampled part of Ghostbusters score (not the main theme another one), anyone else think so? or know the track I'm thinking of. Meh either way I like it.


As for current good mixtapes, I dont really know, of course if I come across anything I'll mention it.

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Chest (or anybody else clued up) have any decent underground Hip Hop records come out this year? The only thing I bought was the new El P and I haven't really listened to it properly.

Underground as in backpack stuff or underground as in non-mainstream?

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Total Package - glad you're enjoying Prince Among Thieves. That Madworld soundtrack looks pretty cool; I'mma need to get hold of that.


Lightning - I saw your post before but haven't had a chance to respond properly yet. I'm going to try and do some end-of-year wrap up stuff in this thread over the Christmas break though, so check back!

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Joey Bada$$ is my favourite new find of the year and his mate Chuck Strager who is also on that track has a very cool voice... the mixtape that's from is rather nice.


I missed his London show in November, unfortunately.

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I've barely listened to hip hop this year, and when i posted a Freddie Gibbs tune on facebook someone posted that Joey Bada$$ track in response. I went and listened to a few of his and his labelmates shit and was quite impressed. Good energy from these kids.

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