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Mildly interesting, completely useless wrestling facts


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Kane has appeared on every Royal Rumble and WrestleMania card since debuting 15 years ago.

That is a longer streak than any other wrestler on any of those pay-per-views.


Glen Jacobs has appeared on every Royal Rumble card since 1996 if you count his appearances in the Rumble match as Isaac Yankem in 1996 and Diesel in 1997.


EDIT: I worded it deliberately because I know he only appeared on the pre-show at WM19, but still wrestled on that card.

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Goldberg's match did have interference from NWO/DDP & Karl Malone (I believe).


Yes it should've been beat cleanly, rather than pinned cleanly. Modified :)

How wasn't that clean? They never interfered. Hogan battered Goldberg with chairs and a weightlifting belt and hit three legdrops on him before DDP and Malone had to arrive at ringside to stop Curt Hennig on interfering on Hogan's behalf. If that's the case, the Warrior match wasn't a clean win because Hogan got a clean pinfall on him when the referee was down, Rock wasn't a clean win because he'd hit him with a weight lifting belt earlier in the match and Piper's wasn't clean because the Giant's interference fucked up royally. You have to clarify what you consider "clean", because they don't come much cleaner than the Goldberg win. If the odds are stacked and Hogan still does one in the middle, that's more than a clean win.

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