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Wrestling Matters Podcast Episode 2 Shoot Interview With Headbanger Th


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Here is another brand new epiosde featuring none other than former WWE World Tag Team Champion Headbanger Thrasher

highlights include The inner workings of the royal rumble 1998 match and


Was you wrestling fan growing up ?

What was the monster factory like ?

When you broke into the business who else was there ?

Memories of training the big show and dlo brown

Memories of match with Ric Flair in 1991 in wwf

Memories backstage after the match

Memories of Monday Night Raw in 1993

Memories of match against Marty Jannety on 2nd ever Monday Night Raw

How did you Meet Jim Cornette ?

The Spider Gimmick where did come from ?

Macho Man Randy Savage Story

How did the headbanger gimmick get created

Memories of Tryout with WCW ?

Thoughts of Jim Cornette

Where did you find out you would win the wwf world tag team title at in your house ground zero ?

Wrestlemania 13 what was atmosphere like backstage

How did you feel to be on a wrestlemania 13 ?

Thoughts of

New Blackjacks Bradshaw and Barry Windham

The Godwins

Doug Furnas & Phil Lafon

What was vince mcmahon like backstage at wrestlemania 13

Any other changes of match plans for this wrestlemania ?

How long did you know you were going to be at wrestlemania ?

Memories of wrestling for the tag team titles at in your house ground Zero

Memories of Legion Of Doom

Memories of British Bulldog & Owen Hart

Memories of winning the wwf world tag team title

How was the backstage reaction to you winning the world tag team titles where other wrestlers

Supportive or against ?

Memories of the filming of wrestling with shadows and how did people react backstage to having the Cameras backstage.

The Montreal Screwjob who was right Bret Hart or Vince Mcmahon

Your thoughts on the screwjob

What was the day like before and after the screwjob how did the atmosphere change backstage

Inside look into the workings of the royal rumble match ?

Was there any plans or change of plans for the royal rumble match ?

Before the royal rumble what happens backstage how were you informed of what would happen ?

Memories of winning the NWA World Tag Team Titles

Memories of feuding with the querbecers

How does the tag team division compare then to now

Memories of GTV ?

Who was meant to be behind GTV ?

Wrestlemania 2000 how was the hardcore battle royal planned backstage ?

What was the backstage atmosphere like at this wrestlemania compared to wrestlemania 13

How was the Lockeroom during the Monday Night War.

Thoughts in the ring and backstage of

Stone Cold Steve Austin

The Rock

Triple H


Vince Russo

Jim Ross

What would you have done differently if you could change your anything about your WWE run

Thoughts of Recent Ring Of Honour Run

Would you ever go back into wrestling ?


What are you doing now ?


the link is here

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